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Friday, September 16, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires HR Practitioners at the Asia HR Expo 2016

The Asia HR Expo 2016 was held on September 16 at the SMX Convention Center in Taguig City. The functon hall was divided into 2 main areas – an exhibition area for companies, and a seminar area where seminars and breakout sessions were held.

The VoiceMaster as a panelist at the Asia HR Expo 2016

As the first HR conference to discuss “digital talent acquisition,” a panel discussion was held in the afternoon to discuss out-of-the-box ideas for sourcing hard-to-find talent on and off social media. The discussion was moderated by Luuk Rietvelt of the European Chamber of Commerce. The panel was composed of Teledevelopment Country Head John Manzano, Bestjobs’ SVP for Business Development in Asia Christian Palau, Yupangco Group of Companies President Robert Yupangco, and Creativoices Productions CEO Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

The discussion mainly talked about the strategies each panelist uses in their respective industries to acquire and maintain talents in their business. They also talked about the “millennials,” and how talent acquisition have changed to adjust to the mindset and behaviors of the new generation of young professionals.

Panel discussion on out of the box ideas to source hard to find talents

Pocholo made a mark in the panel by focusing more on the heart of talent acquisition – the intrinsic motivation of today’s youth. He pointed out that everyone wants to be successful, yet very few can define what success for them is. Pocholo quoted the great Abraham Lincoln who said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And challenged the audience to discover their talents and skills that can be used to serve other people.

Pocholo also shared how his passion for his craft powered the founding of his own recording studio and his voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting, the first and only one in the country. For Pocholo, the best strategy he discovered to find talents for his voiceover business is to actually train them!

As a final message, Pocholo challenged the participants to maximize their skills and talents for a purpose beyond just earning money.

Asia HR Expo 2016 was organized by TAG Media and Public Relations, headed by husband-and-wife tandem Grace and Troy Nicolas.

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