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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Pochologist Inspires Grade 9 and 10 Students on EnvironmentStewardship

The Youth for Environment in School Organization (YES-O) in coordination with the Manila Youth Leaders for the Environment (MYLE) of the Division of Manila conducted its Annual Leadership Training last September 9 at the Araullo High School in Ermita, Manila. The theme of this year’s training is “Empowering the Youth Towards Environmental Stewardship.” The training featured speakers who are advocates not only of the environment, but also of youth empowerment, such as Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales.

Filipino motivational speaker speaks at the YES O and MYLE Annual Leadership Training

In his short but empowering presentation, Pocholo shared the story of how he became an advocate of youth empowerment. He told the participants of his experience as a youth wanting to inspire his fellow youth to become agents of positive social change. Pocholo told of how he utilized his talent in voice acting and broadcasting to lead his fellow youth and founded his organization Voice of the Youth Network.

Pocholo also talked about Dr. Jose Rizal, whom he refers to as the epitome of Filipino greatness and excellence. He expressed his admiration for the national hero, and encouraged the participants to set their own standards and ideals in order to become great citizens of the country. According to Pocholo, being a steward for the environment is one of the ways towards being a great citizen of the country, and that as students, there are many different ways big and small that they can do their part to save Mother Earth.

Filipino motivational speaker shares the stage with his scholar Kelvin

Pocholo also talked a little bit about his passion for voice acting, and his voice acting school. He shared about his contribution to the industry, and how the school became his venue to empower more youth by giving them opportunities to fulfill their dream as voice artists. He also called onstage Kelvin Lumibao, one of his scholars and the anchor of his show Brigada Kabataan. Kelvin shared the story of how the VoiceMaster helped him become a voice artist and radio broadcaster. He also amazed the audience with numerous voice impressions of famous personalities and cartoon characters.

Filipino motivational speaker inspires grade 9 and 10 students towards environmental stewardship

Pocholo ended his talk with a challenge to the students to seize the present moment and become an inspiration to their fellow youth.

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