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Monday, August 31, 2015

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding to LPU Marketing Students

About a hundred marketing students from Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila were inspired, motivated and empowered as Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales spoke at LPU Management Society’s “Beginner’s Guide” event on August 29, 2015.The VoiceMaster Speaks at LPU Mansoc Beginners Guide

The VoiceMaster has captivated the hearts of his audience as he started his talk with sharing how he started fulfilling his dreams at a young age, while he was still a student. He also entertained the audience with his voice acting skills, imitating voices of cartoon characters and famous personalities. He also gave a sample of the commercials and anime characters that he voiced in the past.

The VoiceMaster Talks about Student Personal Branding

But more than the entertainment factor, the VoiceMaster enlightened the students with his tips on personal branding, and how they can apply this principle to be better in their personal and professional life. He also motivated the students to believe in themselves in fulfilling their dream despite other people telling them otherwise. His advice: “Do not waste an opportunity to be an inspiration to your fellow youth.”


Saturday, August 29, 2015

The VoiceMaster Inspires Local and International Youth Delegates in AYLA’s 3rd Advocacy Camp

The ASEAN Youth Leader’s Association (AYLA) organized the 3rd Advocacy Camp on August 28-30, 2015 at the Phillip’s Sanctuary in Antipolo, Rizal.

The VoiceMaster Speaks to Delegates of AYLA 3rd Advocacy Camp

Over 50 delegates including representatives from Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia participated in the camp with the theme “ASEAN POV: Discover Yourself, Define ASEAN.” The 3 days was filled with workshops, exercises and teambuilding activities that tackle different topics related to the ASEAN youth.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales kicked off the first day of camp with his workshop on personal branding. He started by sharing his own story and experience on how he branded himself as the VoiceMaster in his career as a voice artist, and as a motivational speaker. He also shared his local and international experience as a youth advocate since he was 16 years old, and shared information about his advocacy organization, Voice of the Youth Network. Of course, the VoiceMaster showcased his voice acting talent by doing the voices of various cartoon characters.

The VoiceMaster Talks about Personal Branding on AYLA 3rd Advocacy Camp

Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director Ada Cuaresma joined the VoiceMaster to conduct a mini-workshop on 10 steps to building your personal brand. The participants learned ways on how to be known for their own passion and advocacy, and how they can communicate it to others.

The workshop ended with inspiring words from the VoiceMaster, who encouraged the participants to act now and respond to their calling to be an inspiration to their fellow youth.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The VoiceMaster Teaches Voice Care and Public Speaking to Sales and Marketing Professionals

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales once again takes part in TAG Media and Public Relations’ Asia Leaders Forum. This time, it’s for a workshop entitled “Make your Pitch Matter: Voice Care for Sales and Marketing Professionals.” The workshop was held on Tuesday, August 25 at the Misono Events Place in Makati.

The VoiceMaster Teaching Voice to Sales and Marketing Professionals

The VoiceMaster, together with Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma, taught the importance of voice to 25 sales and marketing professionals, mostly from the events management and hospitality industry.

The workshop started with the VoiceMaster explaining how the voice is our most important tool, not just for sales and marketing, but for communicating one’s message in general. With the old adage that “It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it,” he emphasized how the voice – which is the HOW – reflects our emotions, sincerity and intentions in conveying our message. The VoiceMaster also shared the “7 deadly sins” to avoid in order for other people to want to communicate with you. He also explained how the voice is a “toolbox” that people rarely use, and how to use those tools such as pitch, prosody, and register to be more effective in communicating.

Voice Care Warmup Exercises

After a short break for snacks and networking, Ada took the stage and continued on with the Voice Care part of the workshop. She started with the importance of vocal image, and how to use the body to improve it. Ada facilitated a series of warm up exercises for the voice, and capped the workshop off with a lesson on “stadium pitch.”


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The VoiceMaster Inspires Mapua Makati’s Marketing Students in “iMarketing”

The VoiceMaster Speaks at iMarketing Seminar in Mapua

About a hundred Marketing students from the Mapua Institute of Technology in Makati were entertained, inspired and empowered by the VoiceMaster in the seminar entitled “iMarketing” organized by the Mapua Junior Marketing Association on August 24.

In his talk about personal branding, the VoiceMaster shared his personal journey as a voice artist, radio broadcaster, and motivational speaker. He inspired and motivated the students with his words of wisdom which he fondly calls “Pochology 101.”

As he got into the meat of the discussion, Pocholo shared 10 tips on how to build a personal brand. From using the internet and building one’s social media profile and blog, to establishing a career in public speaking, the VoiceMaster took personal branding to a whole new level by motivating and inspiring the audience to find their purpose in life and build a personal brand from it.

VoiceMaster talks about Personal Branding in iMarketing Seminar

The VoiceMaster also introduced his youth organization, Voice of the Youth Network, and opened the opportunity to the students to fulfill their dream of their voice being heard in the society.


Monday, August 24, 2015

The VoiceMaster as Panelist on Asia Pacific Leaders Forum “Blogging 101”

Panelists of Blogging 101 in Treetop Adventure Subic Bay

On August 23, the VoiceMaster joined public relations experts Cherry Burwell and Jeoff Solas as panelist in the “Asia Leaders Forum: Social Media Marketing”. The panel discussed the importance of social media and blogging in the business world today. Topics such as personal branding, maintaining online and offline relationships, and social media responsibility were discussed at a great length in a meaningful exchange of ideas between the panelist and the audience.

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Asia Pacific Leaders Forum

The VoiceMaster shared his experience on how he has, over the years, been able to establish his brand through the use of social media. He also shared how the internet has helped him grow his voiceover business online, and how bringing his business to the web enabled him to create a network of international client and talent base.

Asia Pacific Leaders Forum is a conference series that features influential speakers to talk about different topics, all with the goal pursuing excellence for individuals and organizations. The forum is organized by TAG Media and Public Relations, founded by husband-and-wife tandem Troy and Grace Nicolas.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

The VoiceMaster and the Voice Care Queen on PTV 4’s “Good Morning Boss”

The VoiceMaster and the Voice Care Queen on Good Morning Boss

On August 21, 2015, Voice Care Philippines was featured in PTV 4’s morning show, “Good Morning Boss.”

Voice Care Philippines Founder, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, together with Executive Director Ada “The Voice Care Queen” Cuaresma talked about the importance of taking care of the voice, especially for teachers who experience the most demand and vocal strain because of their profession.

The interview started with the VoiceMaster sharing his journey on how he got into the world of voice acting. He showcased his voice acting talent by doing literally dozens of voices in just a couple of minutes! From famous cartoon characters to politicians to celebrities like Dolphy and Babalu. The VoiceMaster also performed a short radio drama, voicing three different characters by himself!

The VoiceMaster then transitioned into highlighting the importance of voice, especially for people whose profession relies heavily on the voice. Ada explained the factors that make teachers highly prone to voice problems – such as their teaching environment, their students, and the way they use their voice. She went on by saying that aside from teaching teachers about taking care of the voice, they also need to learn strategies on how to engage the students in the classroom, also known as Generation Gap.

Voice Care Philippines on Good Morning Boss

The interview ended with the VoiceMaster explaining the importance of voice acting in teaching today’s students, and Ada inviting teachers to get a copy of the “Voice Care for Teachers” book.


Monday, August 17, 2015

The VoiceMaster Teaches Importance of Technology to Sari-Sari Store Owners

The VoiceMaster Entertains Attendees of the Sari Sari Summit 2015

No distance, amount of rain or power interruption can stop the VoiceMaster from doing what he loves doing – inspiring, motivating and empowering his fellow Filipinos. This time, it’s in Suave General Merchandise’s Sari-Sari Summit, held in Suave San Isidro open grounds in Rizal on August 15, 2015.

Hundreds of sari-sari store owners flocked the summit to check out various business suppliers, network with fellow store owners and learn from business talks.

In his quick yet very entertaining and captivating talk, the VoiceMaster shared tips on how small business owners can use the power of internet and social media to grow their business. He emphasized how social media can help them attract not only potential clients and suppliers, but also like-minded business people with whom they can create partnerships with.

The VoiceMaster Explains the Importance of Technology to Sarisari Store Owners

Of course, the talk wouldn’t be complete without the VoiceMaster’s showcase of his many character voices. Despite getting soaked in the rain, the entire audience was amazed and inspired by the VoiceMaster.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

The VoiceMaster Conducts a Voice Acting Workshop in St. Paul University Manila

The VoiceMaster Teaching Voice Acting in St Paul University Manila

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has inspired and motivated the 3rd year Mass Communication students of St. Paul University, Manila in a half-day voice acting workshop on August 15, 2015.

The VoiceMaster shared to the audience his journey in the voice acting world. He talked about the mentors, the friends, the partners he has worked with in the field of voiceovers, dubbing and radio broadcasting. He also shared about the challenges he met along the way – the frustrations, the harsh realities, the rejections – that became his driving force to create his voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. The VoiceMaster also talked about Voice of the Youth Network, and how this organization that he founded has given Mass Communication students the venue to experience real-life radio broadcasting even while they were still in school. Of course, the talk would not be complete without the audience hearing the many character voices of the one and only VoiceMaster!

The VoiceMaster with St Paul 3rd Communication Students

Pocholo’s talk was followed by the more technical part of the workshop. Two of Pocholo’s protégé’s – Ada Cuaresma and Andrew San Fernando – conducted the voice acting workshop. Also known as the “Voice Care Queen,” Ada talked about the science of producing voice. She taught the students proper techniques along the process of producing voice, like proper breathing and posture. Andrew, also known as the “VoiceMonster,” inspired the students with his accomplishments as a voice artist – from dubbing to hosting to doing voiceover work for one of the most popular reality shows on TV today. He also taught the students techiques on how to “play” with the voice using various exercises to explore one’s pitch and tone of voice.

Andrew and Ada with St Paul 3rd Year Communication Students

The voice acting workshop was organized by the Integrated Student Media Society, an academic organization of Paulinian Mass Communication students.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Your Road to GREATness! Great L.I.F.E. 2015

Great L.I.F.E. 2015

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? What do you need to be an effective leader? How can you communicate with power in your personal and business relationships? What does it really take to be GREAT?

Witness and experience four of the country’s coolest and most engaging young-achievers-turned-motivational-speakers in this generation in “Great L.I.F.E. 2015.” Happening on September 26 at the SM Megatrade Convention Center, SM Megamall.

AIB Trainings’ Impact Chief Al Ian Barcelona, Pambansang Inspirasyon Lloyd Luna, L.I.F.E. EnterTrainer Johner Fernandez, and VoiceMaster of the Philippines Pocholo Gonzales come together on one stage to inspire, motivate and empower students and young professionals with the secrets to a – well – GREAT LIFE. Learn about achieving financial breakthroughs, powerful interpersonal skills, effective leadership skills and many more in one fun-filled afternoon.

Learning investment for this event is Php 700. Students and teachers may buy their tickets at a discounted price of Php 500.

Register now by visiting

Activate your potentials and be on the road to a Great L.I.F.E.!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

VoiceMaster Meets United Nations Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi

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What happens when the man who started Youth Media in the Philippines meets the United Nations’ Ambassador for Youth? Nothing but a fun, yet meaningful and inspiring conversation that will open doors to endless possibilities for the young members of our society.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, founder of Voice of the Youth Network, had a chance to do a very exclusive interview with the United Nations’ Secretary-General Envoy on Youth, Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi on August 13, 2015. Alhendawi visited the Philippines to attend the International Youth Day celebration organized by the National Youth Commission on August 12.

In this half-hour interview, Alhendawi explained his role as the UN’s Envoy on Youth. “With half of the world’s population being under 25 years old, and 90% of those living in developing countries being youth, it is fitting for the United Nations to prioritize the youth and give them a voice in the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN,” said Alhendawi. His role as an Envoy is to bridge the youth sector to the United Nations and remind them that the youth issues – such as employment opportunities, accessible healthcare and protection of youth rights – are urgent issues that “need to be addressed YESTERDAY.”

The Envoy was then treated to a few seconds of entertainment with the VoiceMaster showcasing his voice acting skills by doing many different cartoon character voices, which earned a huge applause from Alhendawi.

As the founder of the lone youth media in the country, the VoiceMaster also asked about the Envoy’s plan for information dissemination, to which Alhendawi explained that one of their goals is to engage member states, private sectors, academic institutions, media and civil society, and youth-led organizations in UN’s programs for the youth. Social media and the internet remains to be the forefront of their distribution channel since that’s where most of the young people are. At this point, Alhendawi recognized the VoiceMaster’s work with the Voice of the Youth Network. “We need more people like you (VoiceMaster),” said Alhendawi. He explained that in a generation where attention span is short, where the youth will only spare 30 seconds or one or two chances to for you to catch their attention before they turn to their smartphones, the world needs leaders like Pocholo that not only has the talent to captivate an audience, but also have the heart and passion for giving opportunities for the youth to be heard.

Alhendawi also beautifully emphasized UN’s mantra to “leave no one behind.” “We’re not only referring to not leaving the marginalized sector, which of course, we also do not want to. But leaving no one behind is more of involving everyone in the creation and participation in achieving the sustainable development goals, like alleviating all forms of poverty by year 2030.”

As for his final message, Alhendawi challenged the youth to not wait for UN or anyone before they become part of achieving the development goals. “Invite yourself, don’t wait for the UN to come to you. It’s not about changing everything in the world. It’s about DOING SOMETHING that would eventually change the world.”


Monday, August 10, 2015

Voice Care for Teachers Workshop and Leadership Training in Iloilo

Leadership training for SSG Officers and Advisers in Iloilo

On August 8, 2015, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales joined fellow motivational speakers Al Ian Barcelona, Ruben Lanot, PJ Lanot and Johner Fernandez in the SSG Division Leadership Training and Strategic Planning for Students and Advisers, held at the Sarabia Manor Hotel in Iloilo City.

the VoiceMaster teaches Voice Care for Teachers in IloiloWith the theme “Strategic and Effective Leadership Towards Campus Governance,” more than 800 students were entertained, motivated and empowered in a day filled with motivational talks and teambuilding activities. The VoiceMaster talked about “generational leadership,” where he discussed the valuable components of passion, purpose, influence and inspiration that define the true makings of a leader. He also spoke about the capacity and ability of the youth to be able to lead their fellow youth, as long as they uncover their greatness within.

Voice Care for Teachers WorkshopIn the afternoon, the VoiceMaster also conducted a 3-hour workshop to over 200 teachers on Voice Care. He gave the teacher tips, exercises and helpful information on how to take care of the voice, especially since it is the teacher’s most important teaching tool. He also talked about learning in the 21st century, and gave his piece of advice to teachers in handling today’s students in the classroom, which is also known as the Generation Z.

The day capped off with some teambuilding activities and a fun dance number from the awesome speakers!

Team Awesome in SSG Leadership Training in Iloilo


Sunday, August 2, 2015

The VoiceMaster Talks About Generation Z at Smart Kids Asia 2015

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has yet again captivated and mesmerized an audience of teachers and students in the Smart Kids Asia 2015, held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on August 1, 2015.

The VoiceMaster Speaks about Generation Z at Smart Kids Asia

With one of his most popular topics “Understanding the Generation Z,” the VoiceMaster discussed the lifestyle and behaviors of this generation of young people, especially the influence of technology and the internet in their lives. He bridged the gap between this generation of students and their teachers, who are mostly from Generation X and Y. It was indeed an interesting opportunity for “meeting of the minds” when it comes to 21st century learning.

Patrick Gabriel Gonzales Speaking about Generation Z at Smart Kids Asia

One of the highlights of the VoiceMaster’s talk was when his son, Patrick Gabriel, took the stage to share his personal views as a Gen Z! As the country’s youngest broadcaster and motivational speaker, Patrick shared how his generation is the most efficient generation because of the technologies available to them, and how great his generation is because they believe that anything is possible.

Smart Kids Asia is the largest educational fair where parents and children get to experience educational and mind-expanding fun through various exhibits, games and activities.

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