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Monday, January 30, 2017

The VoiceMaster Inspires Young Rotarians in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award

The Rotaract Club of Taal-Lemery hosted the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards held on January 27-29 at the Little Bridge Resort in Taal, Batangas. Over 200 delegates spent 3 days of fun and experiential learning about transformational leadership through games and motivational talks. The participants came from various Rotaract Club chapters, including some foreign delegates from Canada, France and Switzerland.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited for a motivational talk to cap off the last day of the camp. The VoiceMaster started his hour-long talk with high energy, as he brought the audience to laughter with his repertoire of character voices and hugot lines. He also talked about his journey as a voice artist, radio broadcaster, youth advocate, and motivational speaker, and how he has used the gift of his voice to inspire, motivate and empower those around him.

The VoiceMaster also talked about Dr. Jose Rizal, whom he considers to be the epitome of Filipino greatness and excellence. He challenged the audience bring out their greatness through their skills and talents, especially now that their generation have better tools and technology compared to Rizal! He also gave the participants an assignment to reflect on 3 simple but life-changing questions: 1) Where have you been, 2) Why are you here, and 3) Where are you going?

With those three questions, the VoiceMaster then transitioned to talk about leadership. He quoted his favorite definition of leadership, the kind that is anchored on passion and integrity. For him, leading others is not possible without first leading one’s self, so it’s important that the leader knows of his true intention and desire to lead others towards greatness and success. The VoiceMaster talked about the importance of discovering one’s life purpose, and how doing so will enable them to be a source of inspiration and motivation to their fellow youth. He shared his own experiences on how he has succeeded in leading others because he was true to his own personal mission to make other people better and happy using his skills and talents.

At the end of his talk, he inspired the participants to pursue their dreams by giving a copy of his book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent” to a member of the audience, who shared his dream of becoming a voice artist and a broadcaster someday.

The day ended with the awarding ceremony for the games and group activities.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The VoiceMaster Inspires Broadcasting Students at the PUP Radio Conference 2017

The Young Communicators Guild – the official radio organization of Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Communication – organized the PUP Radio Conference 2017 on January 27. With the theme “IGNITE ME: The Art of Radio Broadcasting in the Social Media Era,” the conference featured speakers who are exemplary contributors to the radio broadcasting arena. Over 200 Broadcasting students from PUP and nearby universities participated in the event, which was held at the PUP COC Theater.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was one of the speakers during the event. As the pioneer of Youth Media in the country, Pocholo shared how radio broadcasting opened the doors for him to become who he is today – the most recognized voice artist, internationally-awarded youth advocate, and a highly sought-after motivational speaker, especially for young people. He recalled how he won DZMM’s radio drama and singing contest back in 1996, which earned him a slot on AM radio as a radio drama talent, scriptwriter, anchor and one of the directors. Pocholo talked about his frustrations and challenges in the beginning, and how those challenges led him his personal life mission to be the one to open the doors for talented young people to express their passion and talent.

Pocholo then introduced his advocacy organization Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY), a volunteer youth organization that gives the Filipino youth a voice on issues that affect them through radio broadcasting and ICT. With its mission to inform, inspire, involve and empower young people, VOTY has produced over 20 radio programs all over the Philippines, including its provincial chapters such as Sorsogon, General Santos, Lanao, and Bataan. Through their radio programs and online platforms, VOTY has become a venue for thousands of young people to do their part in contributing to positive social change.

Pocholo emphasized the importance of giving people the venue and the opportunity to share their skills and become an inspiration to their fellow youth. This is why aside from sharing his airtime to aspiring broadcasters in his shows, he also shared the stage with them. He called onstage three of his anchors – DJ Kelvin, DJ Denn and DJ Jomel – who inspired the students to volunteer their time and effort to pursue their dreams of broadcasting. They took turns sharing how joining VOTY has allowed them not only to be heard, but to also enhance their skills and confidence in communication. And, as the VoiceMaster would have done, they also did their own ‘sample’ of character voices they can imitate.

At the end of his talk, Pocholo gave away a copy of his book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent” to the person in the audience who courageously went onstage to “get it.” This gesture led to a powerful close for the VoiceMaster, as he challenged them to go out and CLAIM what the believe life has reserved for them.

The PUP Radio Conference also featured other radio personalities including Zhander Cayabyab of DZMM, Tere Gonzales of Radyo Inquirer, and John Gemperle or more popularly known as Papa Jack.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The VoiceMaster Trains Pharmaceutical Students on Public Speaking

On January 25, the University of the Philippines Pharmaceutical Association (UPPHA) of the University of the Philippines Manila held its first ever public speaking seminar entitled “Beyond Say”. This half-day seminar focused on developing the communication skills of Pharmacy students through public speaking and social media. It was held at the auditorium of the College of Pharmacy, and was attended by around 50 students, particularly those who are graduating from the course.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to do the public speaking workshop. The participants were in for a treat as the VoiceMaster did not only teach the basics of public speaking, but also demonstrated it during his own presentation.

Pocholo started with an introduction of the VoiceMaster – who he is, and how he uses the power of his voice to convey powerful and meaningful messages through public speaking. He told the story of his journey as a voice artist, a broadcaster, and a youth advocate, and how his experiences made him discover his calling as a motivational speaker. Of course, he didn’t disappoint as he showcased his repertoire of character voices – from famous cartoon characters to famous celebrities.

The VoiceMaster also motivated the students as he talked about passion, greatness and excellence. He talked about the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and how he was accomplished noteworthy things despite the lack of resources and technology. He challenged the audience to do the same thing and become an inspiration to their fellow youth.

The last part of his talk was a mini-workshop on public speaking. But instead of the conventional tips and techniques on public speaking, the VoiceMaster dove straight into the heart of public speaking. He enlightened the audience about why people fear and struggle with public speaking. Through some activities, he taught the audience how to practice spontaneity, which he considers to be the number one skill needed in public speaking. Lastly, he gave 4 strategies to engage the audience during a speech: stories, humor, involvement and pause.

Towards the end, the VoiceMaster encouraged the participants to see public speaking as a venue where they could inspire and contribute towards positive social change.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The VoiceMaster Inspires his Young Kababayans at the Third Mariveles Youth Congress

The Third Mariveles Youth Congress happened on January 20-21 at the Bataan Convention Center in Mariveles, Bataan. MYC is the gathering of youth leaders and to ensure compliance with the vision of the Province of Bataan and the Municipality of Mariveles. Hundreds of youth leaders and youth-serving organizations attended the event to learn and pitch in on the 4 thematic areas of the congress: health, employment, education and youth participation.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales graced the event as one of the speakers, where he talked about the role of the youth in nation building. As a proud native of Mariveles, Pocholo inspired the audience by sharing his own personal journey – from discovering his talent as a young boy growing up in the province, to traveling all over the country to inspire, motivate and empower his fellow Filipinos. He talked about how he got his break in the voice acting industry, which was powered by the simple dream of hearing his voice on the radio greeting his mother on air. He then went on to share how that simple dream propelled him to bigger and greater heights in the voice acting industry, until he became the most recognized and respected voice artist in the country.  Of course, the audience were not left empty-handed as the VoiceMaster entertained them with his ensemble of character voices.

Pocholo also spoke about his work as the Filipino Futurist. He talked about technology and how it has greatly influenced the way people live and function everyday, especially the youth, the so-called ‘millennials’. Having been working with young people for 20 years, Pocholo has recognized the youth’s behavior, lifestyle and mindset, and has adapted to an effective way to communicate with them. He encouraged the parents and the teachers in the audience to have a more open mind when it comes to leading today’s youth, in order for them to reach their full potential.

Pocholo talked about the beginnings of his 20-year experience as an internationally-awarded youth advocate. He shared to and encouraged the audience to join local and international youth programs, in order to expand their mind and their network, and so that they can contribute to positive social change. He challenged the youth to live a life of passion and purpose, and to not succumb to the idea of studying in order to graduate and get a good job. “Being a youth is a gift that one day will be taken away from you,” were the wise words of the VoiceMaster. So he encouraged the participants to believe in their dreams and act on it immediately.

Pocholo’s talk in MYC is one of his most memorable, as it is his first speaking engagement where his entire family – his parents and his sister – were present to watch.

Also included in the speaker lineup were Senator Bam Aquino, Perci Cendana, Mayor Ace Jello Concepcion, and Congressman Joet Garcia. MYC was spearheaded by the Municipal Government of Mariveles to promote a unified approach to the formulation of Local Youth Development Plan (LYDP) for the municipality.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The VoiceMaster Shifts the Youth’s Financial Mindset at the 6th Thomasian National Finance Summit

The Junior Finance Executives of University of Sto. Tomas conducted its 6th National Finance Summit on January 14, 2017. Over 900 students flocked the St. Martin de Porres Medicine Auditorium for a whole-day event of learning about investing, business and financial management.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the last speaker for the event, who spoke about “The Future of Entrepreneurship.” The VoiceMaster’s hour-long talk started at a high energy, especially with his icebreakers, hugot lines and ensemble of character voices. He then proceeded to sharing the story of his entrepreneurial journey in the voice acting industry – first as a freelancer, until he eventually built his own voiceover company. He talked about how he opened the first voice acting school in the country, and how it opened the door of the voice acting industry to all who aspire to become part of it.

The rest of Pocholo’s talk was about motivating the audience to shift their mindset when it comes to money and business.  As a futurist, he talked about how technology will continue to evolve and will exponentially change the way business and money are handled. He then encouraged the audience to go beyond working for money and instead work for MEANING. “Before you manage your finances, you should first manage your life” were the wise words of the VoiceMaster, as he talked about living a life of passion and purpose.

Pocholo’s story is in itself a testimony of how being driven by passion and purpose will help anyone push forward regardless of the struggles that come their way. His journey in the voice acting industry was met with challenges and frustrations, but Pocholo stayed true to his vision, and that empowered him to get to where he is today.

In the end, Pocholo motivated the students to seek their life purpose, and to use their passion – and not money – as their motivation to succeed in life.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The VoiceMaster Inspires Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs at the First National Youth Business Convention

The University of the Philippines Business League, together with 16 other university-based organizations, conducted the first-ever National Youth Business Convention on January 12-14. The 3-day convention was filled with seminars and activities to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the Filipino youth, and is envisioned to be the apex of youth business summits. Each day of the convention was held in different venues to accommodate the activities prepared for each day.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales capped off the second day of the summit with a motivational talk about the future of entrepreneurship. Held at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati, the talk was attended by over 200 delegates who were preparing for their case presentation for the last day.

Pocholo shared his knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, as a Go Negosyo Angelpreneur, and a proponent of Youth Entrepreneurship through his advocacy Negosyo Kabataan. He shared the story of how he discovered his talent in voice, and how his passion for voice acting became the fuel to establish not only his own voiceover company, but also his voice acting school which is the first in the Philippines. Pocholo talked about his challenges and struggles as a young entrepreneur in 2005, and how he was able to navigate through those experiences through passion, dedication and commitment.

As the Filipino Futurist, Pocholo gave the audience a glimpse of the future, especially in the world of business. He recapped some of the major trends and advancements seen today and how technology has greatly changed the way business is done – with things like artificial intelligence, cloud storage and smart gadgets.

Pocholo then posed the question “So, what kind of business will you start?” to the audience, and challenged them to think beyond the purpose of making money. He encouraged the audience to build a business with passion, purpose and legacy, to ‘future-proof’ themselves in the world of business.

In the end, the participants of the NYBC were given a fresh new perspective on what it means to become an entrepreneur.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pochology Academy Kicks Off 2017 with a Leadership Workshop for a Construction Company

The S.L. Development Construction Corporation held its 5th Annual Project Management Review at the New World Manila Bay Hotel on January 3 and 4, 2017. Over 80 employees – engineers, foremen, project managers, and supervisors – attended the event, where they will be presenting the projects that will become the company’s focus in 2017.

Pochology Academy was invited to conduct a whole-day Team Effectiveness and Leadership Workshop on the first day of the event. The goal of the workshop is to teach and instill leadership principles to SLDCC’s employees, which they can apply to their day-to-day functions in the workplace.

The program started with a powerful motivational talk from Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, Founder of Pochology Academy. Pocholo set the energy high during his talk, entertaining the audience with his witty stories, hugot lines, and repertoire of character voices. He shared the story of his journey as the VoiceMaster, from starting with a small dream to becoming an instrument to enable others to pursue theirs. He also told of his struggles and challenges that fueled him to live a life of passion and purpose. At the end of his talk, he encouraged the audience to create meaning in their work. His unforgettable piece of advice: “love your job, and your job will love you back.”

Pocholo’s inspiring talk was followed by the workshop proper, which was facilitated by one of Pochology Academy trainers, Ada Cuaresma. The workshop started with a discussion on trust, which Ada identified as the “heart of leadership.” The participants were divided into groups, who took turns to role-play scenarios of low trust in the workplace.

After lunch, Pocholo came back onstage to share more principles on leadership. He talked about vision, passion and influence as the keys to being the kind of leader that people would want to follow. After his talk, Ada facilitated a workshop on communication, the most crucial skill for a leader to learn and develop. The workshop tackled 3 important aspects of communication, especially for leaders in the workplace: listening, giving encouragement and handling conflict. The workshop closed with an action planning session, where the participants were asked to write down concrete, actionable steps to apply what ther learned when they go back to the workplace.

The day capped off with a double-celebration for SLDCC – the company’s 25th anniversary and the birthday of their President, Ms. Anita Uy – which Ada and Pocholo also hosted.

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