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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pochology Academy Holds Voice Acting Workshop at the University of Rizal System

In celebration of National Arts Month, the University Center for Culture & the Arts in partnership with University Supreme Student Council of University of Rizal System conducted a Voice Acting seminar-workshop, held at the Blanco Family Academy in Angono, Rizal on February 26, 2016.

With the theme “Fostering Artistic Excellence through Dynamic Involvement and Contagious Expertise,” the event was designed to educate the students on the power of their voice in professional and personal relations, as well as to cultivate their artistry through the use of their most powerful human instrument.

URS Students having a blast listening to the VoiceMaster

As the country’s most recognized and respected voice artist, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to facilitated the whole-day workshop. He brought along with him 2 of his trainers and protégé’s from Pochology Academy – Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma and Voice Monster Andrew San Fernando.

After the opening ceremonies, not to mention a superb medley performance by an acapella group, the workshop opened with a motivational talk by the VoiceMaster. After entertaining the audience with his numerous character voices and a repertoire of “hugot lines,” the VoiceMaster inspired the students by sharing his story on how he used he has, for 20 years, used his talents and skills to make other people better and happy. He shared his stories of challenges, setbacks, obstacles and victories that made him who he is today, the “Man BEHIND a thousand voices”. He encouraged the students to not waste their youth or wait for the “right time” to discover and pursue their passion, because the right time is always NOW. He left a powerful message to “do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Ada and Andrew conducting Voice Acting workshop in URSAfter the VoiceMaster’s empowering talk, Ada stepped up onstage for a short but informative workshop about the voice. She talked about the importance of voice in everyday life, that it’s HOW WE SAY things that is important in building personal and professional relationships. She covered 2 important things about the voice. First is vocal power, where she used exercises to help participants produce their voice with more power, confidence and efficiency. The second thing is vocal variety, where, by learning to use the various elements of the voice, words spoken become more meaningful, engaging and memorable.

Andrew was the last speaker, who talked about voice acting. He taught the participants how to “play” with their voice – by exploring pitch, pitch character and tempo. He also taught them how to include human reactions in the context of voice acting, such as laughter, cry, trips and falls, and even eating and drinking sounds. Towards the end of the voice acting module, Andrew called some volunteers to do a “fun dub”. The volunteers performed a quick dub of an excerpt from the cartoons Voltes V.

At the end of the workshop, the VoiceMaster also announced that URS will be heading the establishment of Voice of the Youth Network in Rizal, where the students get the opportunity to become volunteers to VOTY’s radio shows.

Pochology Academy with URS Officials and Event Organizers

Hundreds of students attended the workshop from various URS campuses including Tanay, Angono, Cainta and Antipolo.


Friday, February 26, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires IT Students in the First Into IT Convention (In2ition)

While many people went on a holiday on February 25th, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales went on to do what he does best – inspire and motivate the youth. Pocholo was the last speaker on the first ever Into IT Convention, held at the Tanghalang Haribon of Insular Life Corporate Center in Alabang.

The VoiceMaster Inspiring Students in the Into IT Convention

Hundreds of IT students from various schools in the Muntinlupa and Las Pinas area gathered to listen to speakers invited to speak in line with the theme “Raising a new breed of responsible Filipino netizens.”

The last speaker – which turned out to be the highlight of the afternoon – was Pocholo’s talk entitled “The Future Me.” After a much-needed energizer for the participants, Pocholo started his talk by asking the participants to imagine that they are in year 2030, and to tell the person next to them who they are, what they’re doing and what they have achieved. The main purpose of this activity is to challenge the students’ minds to project and imagine their future so that they can create it. As the VoiceMaster always say, “Do something today your future self will thank you for.”

Pocholo shared his own story of how he has envisioned himself as the VoiceMaster way back when he was 16 years old, and was just auditioning to become a radio drama talent in DZMM. He also shared how he got started with dubbing and voice acting, and his realization that he wanted to do more outside of the recording studio, which got him into training and motivational speaking. Of course, his “voice artist story” would not be complete without mesmerizing the audience with his repertoire of character voices!

Patrick Gabriel Gonzales, DJ Denn and DJ Elaine Inspiring the YouthDuring the second half of his talk, Pocholo gave an opportunity for the youth to be inspired by the youth. He called onstage 2 of Voice of the Youth Networks’ members and broadcasters – DJ Denn and DJ Elaine – anchors of Generation Y&Z Radio in Radyo Inquirer. DJ Denn and DJ Elaine each shared how and why they got into joining the volunteer organization, and how their passions drives them to inspire and motivate their fellow youth.

Perhaps the highlight of the talk was when Pocholo called onstage his own son, Patrick Gabriel Gonzales. Patrick is the youngest broadcaster and motivational speaker in the country, at 10 years old. He opened his speech by doing the voice of Russell from Disneys “Up,” and then went on to share his motivational tips on how to be productive young people. Patrick amazed and captivated the audience with words of inspiration like “fail your way to success.”

Into IT Convention ended on a high energy with these inspiring young people, headed of course by the VoiceMaster.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires the Youth to Create the Future

The College of Tourism and Hospitallity Management of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas conducted a seminar entitled “Road to Building Personality Growth and Image Enhancement” on February 24, 2016 at the Orchard Golf and Country Club in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Hundreds of students from the said college filled the event venue to be inspired and motivated by the invited speakers.

The VoiceMaster Talks about the Future Me to Tourism and Hospitality Management Students of DLSU Dasmarinas

The last speaker of the event was Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, who talked about creating “The Future Me”. Inspired by the famous 80’s film “Back to the Future,” the VoiceMaster challenged the students to think as if this is the year 2030. “Tell the person next to you what you are now (year 2030) – your career, how successful you are, what you have achieved.” He motivated the students to push their minds to the limit, projecting and feeling being successful in their chosen path.

During his talk, Pocholo shared how he has envisioned himself as the “VoiceMaster” way back when he was 16 years old. He told of his journey as a voice artist, youth advocate, and motivational speaker, and how he has responded to his life’s calling to make other people better and happy by using his greatest weapon – the VOICE. Recognizing that one of the biggest challenges, especially of today’s youth, is discovering what they want in life, Pocholo gave them a simple, 5-question formula for discovering their life’s purpose. “It all starts with knowing what you can do, and ends with finding out how that can change the lives of others.”

The Future Me Talk by Pocholo The VoiceMaster Gonzales

At the end of his talk, Pocholo shared his favorite “Pochology” (words of wisdom of Pocholo Gonzales) – “The best ability is AVAILABILITY.” It’s his way of saying that your talent and skills will go a long way only if you seize the opportunities to use them.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pitch Perfect: Voice Care Workshop for Zoomanity Group’s Sales and Marketing Team

The Sales and Marketing team of Zoomanity Group from all over the country, including CEO's and COO's, gathered at the Misono Restaurant in Makati on February 17 for their Internal Marketing Summit. The event is a whole-day learning affair for the team, where they get to share ideas to help improve their team’s performance, and also gain knowledge and strategies outside of the theme park/zoo industry through invited guest speakers.

Carmie De Leon Sales and Marketing VP of Healthway Medical

Two speakers were invited to speak during the first half of the day. The first speaker was Carmie De Leon, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Healthway Medical. Carmie shared her best sales and marketing practices even way back when she was starting as a Medical Representative. She spoke about how she has established relationships with her prospects and clients not only by building rapport, but also by being sensitive to their personal needs. She encouraged the participants to have the “store owner mindset,” where the sales person doesn’t just see himself as someone who sells the product, but rather, someone who is representative of the product and brand. Carmie’s unconventional yet sensible tips were truly useful for the participants of her talk, like forcing customers to complain about their service so they can further improve. Last but not the least, she shared wonderful insights from the health care industry that could very well be duplicated on their field (theme park).

Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma conducts Speech and Voice Training for Zoomanity Group

After the talk and a long Q&A session with the participants, up next was Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director Ada Cuaresma, and also one of the trainers of Pochology Academy. In Ada’s talk entitled “Pitch Perfect,” Ada conducted a mini-workshop to teach participants how to be more powerful in selling and marketing through speech and voice. According to her, the “what you say” (speech) and “how you say it” should go hand-in-hand in order to make sales pitches that sell. You cannot simply improve your pitch’s content without rehearsing your presentation, and vice versa. Ada gave the participants exercises on breathing, posture, pitch and volume. She introduced both the science and the art of voice by teaching participants how to develop their vocal power and variety.

With Zoomanity Owner Robert Yupangco and Sales Managers

After lunch, the group did some brainstorming activities where they practiced what they have learned from the speakers in the morning.


Monday, February 15, 2016

New VOTY Broadcasters Graduate from the VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy

On February 14, the second half of the VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy happened at the Creativoices Productions in Makati City. The number of participants doubled, including current VOTY members who have recently become part of VOTY’s radio shows.

Scriptwriting Workshop by DJ Denn and DJ Elaine

The first part of the half-day workshop focused on scriptwriting. DJ Denn and DJ Elaine, 2 of the anchors of Generation Y&Z Radio, facilitated the workshop. They taught the participants about the different parts of a radio program, how to write spiels and how to create concepts for segments. The participants were given a group activity where they have to present a segment of a youth-oriented radio show, based on the principles they learned about scriptwriting.

Broadcasting Ethics Workshop by Jana Banana

After scriptwriting, another VOTY member, Jana Banana Abejero, discussed about Radio Broadcasting Ethics. Focused on ethical practices for broadcasting for the youth. The participants did a role-play on the right and wrong practices in broadcasting, which Jana supplemented with additional information and knowledge.

The VoiceMaster Motivates new VOTY Broadcasters

Towards the end of the workshop, VOTY broadcasters took turns sharing their experience as part of VOTY’s radio programs, and how VOTY has helped them discover and live their passion even at their young age. The VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy concluded with some inspirational words from VOTY founder, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. The VoiceMaster shared his vision for the organization, and how he believes that young people have the power to influence positive social change in the country.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

The VoiceMaster Teaches Human Superpowers in ‘One Right Direction’

One hundred young adults – students and young professionals – filled the roofdeck of Prestige Tower Condominium in Ortigas on February 13, 2016 for the 3rd year of “One Right Direction”. This event aims to educate people who would like to build and explore various income sources, specifically on investing their money in the stock market.

Three motivational speakers were featured in the event to share their expertise not only in business, but also on personal development. The first speaker was trainer, author and sales coach Veni Flores of Money Masters Club. Veni shared the process of achieving goals in a simple and easy-to-understand roadmap. He also inspired the audience to act because, he said, that acting upon one’s desire is the first step to getting to their destination.

The VoiceMaster Speaks about the 10 Great Powers to Become a Real-Life Superhero

The second speaker was Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – CEO of Creativoices Productions, and founder of Pochology Academy. Pocholo shared what he calls the “10 Great Powers” that would help anyone achieve their dreams. He began his talk by sharing his own personal journey as an entrepreneur, and how his love and talent for the voice made him who he is today. The 10 great powers he shared included self-confidence, purpose, and extraordinary performance. To the VoiceMaster, it all boils down to how a person builds his SELF-WORTH, instead of his NET WORTH, that would determine his success in life.

Last but not the least is Pesos and Sense founder Aya Laraya, who gave an informative talk about the stock market, and what aspiring investors need to know. He emphasized the need to seek professional advice when it comes to financial investments instead of simply reading articles online that may not even apply to their locale or level. Aya also gave a simplified explanation on the benefit of purchasing stocks, and how to wisely choose which companies to invest in.

Before the closing and final photo op, the country’s youngest motivational speaker – 10-year-old Patrick Gabriel Gonzales (son of the VoiceMaster) – amazed the audience by sharing his own insights on investing. In a short and sweet talk, Patrick motivated the audience by encouraging them to believe in themselves, that they have greatness within them and that they all have the power to succeed.

One Right Direction Speakers

Truly, an inspiring and empowering event that moves aspiring investors and entrepreneurs towards the ONE RIGHT DIRECTION.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Pochology Academy Holds Speech Training for PUP’s Mr. and Ms. Marketing World 2016

On February 11, 15 finalists of PUP’s Mr. and Miss Marketing World 2016 went to the Creativoices studio in Makati to go through a speech training offered by Pochology Academy and Microphone Club. The speech training aims to develop the communication skills of the contestants by improving their voice, stage presence, and their self-confidence.

Voice Training

Two of Pochology Academy trainers facilitated the half-day workshop: Ada Cuaresma and JC Garcia. The workshop started with an introduction and setting of expectations with the participants. Ada then facilitated the training on voice, teaching the finalists how to properly use their body in order for their voice to come out with ease yet with power. She led them through a series of exercises on posture and breathing – which would help the contestants not only for their voice use, but also for their presence onstage during the pageant. There was also a vocal workout that the participants learned that they can use to also relax their body and voice prior to the contest.

After the voice training, JC gave a motivational talk to increase their self-confidence and help them combat their stage fright. He gave them exercises on self-affirmation, and also gave tips on how to stand and project themselves on stage.

The highlight of the workshop was when each participant did a practice run of a pageant’s Q&A portion. It was then that they were given tips on how to properly hold the microphone, how to connect with the audience while answering their question, and the formula for explaining their answers.

Pochology Academy Speech Training for Mr and Ms Marketing World 2016

Mr. and Ms. Marketing World 2016 Coronation Night will happen on February 19, at the PUP Main Campus Freedom Plaza.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy Holds Workshop for Aspiring Youth Broadcasters

Voice of the Youth Network opens the VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy with its first workshop, “Broadcasting 101”. The 2-day workshop aims to train aspiring young broadcasters on the basics of broadcasting for youth-oriented radio programs, like Voice of the Youth Radio.

The VoiceMaster Motivates Aspiring Broadcasters in VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy

On February 7, the first day of the workshop was held at the Creativoices Productions studio in Makati. Ten aspiring broadcasters were granted scholarships to the workshop, provided by Voice of the Youth Network founder, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

After a round-robin of introduction from the participants, the workshop opened with a motivational talk from the VoiceMaster. He recalled how and why he started VOTY – how he was the youngest radio broadcaster during his time, and how he travelled Southeast Asia as a youth advocate at the age of 21. He encouraged the participants to maximize their youth and become an inspiration to their fellow young people.

Interview 101 Workshop with Ada Cuaresma

Up next was VOTY’s Head Secretariat, Ada Cuaresma, who did a workshop on interviewing basics. Ada explained the key elements of an interview, and provided a step-by-step approach on how to prepare for an interview, how to conduct an interview and how to end an interview. The participants also performed listening exercises and came up with interview question for a famous celebrity they would like to interview.

After the interviewing module, Andrew San Fernando – one of VOTY’s radio show anchors and program director – conducted a workshop on radio programming. He explained how to outline a radio show’s program flow, divide the show’s time slot into segments, and gave tips on how to manage the program and adjust to changes while on air.

Andrew San Fernando Teaches Radio Programming

The first day of the Broadcasting 101 workshop concluded with more encouraging words from the VoiceMaster, who challenged the participants to pursue their passion and inspire their fellow youth to do the same.

Voice of the Youth Network is a volunteer youth media organization that aims to inform, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino youth through broadcasting and ICT. Its mission is to encourage every Filipino youth to believe in themselves in creating positive social change.


Monday, February 8, 2016

The VoiceMaster in DZMM’s “Turo-Turo” with the Legendary Peter Musngi

Love is in the air! And on the first episode of DZMM Teleradyo’s “Turo-Turo,” it’s all about loving the voice.

On February 6, the episode entitled “Ehem, In Love Ako sa Boses Ko” featured 2 legends of the voiceover industry – the golden voice of ABS CBN, Peter Musngi; and the VoiceMaster of the Philippines, Pocholo Gonzales.

The VoiceMaster with the voice of ABS CBN Peter Musngi on DZMM Turo-Turo

The hour-long episode started with Peter and Pocholo sharing their respective stories on how they discovered their talent. The VoiceMaster recalled how he was imitating the voices he heard in his favorite radio drama back in his hometown in Mariveles, Bataan when he was 7 years old. He also told the story of how he started his voice acting career at the age 16 in that same station, DZMM.  He also shared how he got into dubbing and commercials for a short while, until he decided to remove himself from the confines of the recording booth and open his own voiceover services company, Creativoices Productions.

The discussion then transitioned into how voice acting can be learned. Pocholo then talked about his school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. Together with Brian Ligsay, his business partner who was also one of the guests, they shared some of the tips and knowledge that they teach in their voice acting workshops, like how to modulate the voice. Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director Ada Cuaresma also shared what they teach in their Voice Care workshops.

Of course, the show would not be complete without the guests doing a “sample”. Peter showcased on air his spiel during the network’s 50th anniversary. Pocholo showed his talent by doing a quick radio drama where he did the voice of a grandpa, a little kid and a monster. Brian did his lines as the official voice of LRT Line 2, and even did an impression of Peter Musngi!

With Turo Turo Hosts Jing Castaneda and Prof Popoy De Vera

It was a fun episode where the listeners were not only entertained with the several character voices they heard, but were also inspired and motivated to love their voice.

“Turo-Turo” airs every Saturday on DZMM Teleradyo, 5-6pm. It is hosted by Jing Castaneda and Prof. Popoy De Vera.


Friday, February 5, 2016

The VoiceMaster’s Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back Talks on STI National Youth Convention

The Manila leg of the 21st STI College National Youth Convention was held on February 2-5 at the Aliw Theater in CCP Complex, Pasay City. Tens of thousands of STI students from all over NCR and nearby provinces in Northern and Southern Luzon gathered to learn about the convention’s theme “I Will Innovate.” Each session featured 3 speakers, each one speaking about different facets of innovation: spirit, character, and creativity.

VoiceMaster Energizes the Audience before his talk

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has inspired more than 5,000 STI students as one of the speakers on both morning and afternoon sessions of the convention’s third and fourth day. With the topic, “Innovator’s Creativity,” the VoiceMaster talked about how innovation is a mindset more than it is an idea executed into a product or service. His talk was a combination of energetic humor, inspiring stories, memorable “hugot lines” and lessons to develop the mindset of an innovator. He motivated the audience to innovate not only their ideas, but also their own personality. He set himself as an example as to how he has continually developed himself especially when it comes to the voice – expanding his capabilities not only in voice acting, but also in broadcasting, training and motivational speaking.

The VoiceMaster on the STI National Youth Convention in Aliw Theater

The VoiceMaster also motivated the participants to be innovators not only for themselves but for the good of the country. He also encouraged them to become like Dr. Jose Rizal, and to use their available resources to be able to make a difference in the society, just like our national hero did despite his lack of technology and freedom.

The VoiceMaster also entertained the audience with his voice acting superpowers, imitating their favorite cartoon characters and celebrities.

STI NYC 4th Day Speakers and Raffle Winners

Towards the end of each session, the VoiceMaster gave his last message to the audience and reminded them to pursue their passion while they are young, and to never waste an opportunity to be an inspiration to their fellow youth.


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