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Monday, August 29, 2016

The VoiceMaster’s Comeback to the Dubbing Arena

After a 6-year hiatus, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales comes back to ABS CBN as a Dubbing Director.

The VoiceMaster Directing the Dubbing of A Little Bit of Heaven

On August 28, Pocholo stepped into the dubbing studio to direct the dubbing of the Hollywood movie “A Little Bit of Heaven.” Actress Kate Hudson plays the role of Marley Corbett, who discovers herself as she makes the most of her remaining days battling against colon cancer.

In coming back to the industry, Pocholo brings with him fresh voices and talents from his school, the Philippine Center of Voice Acting. Present and past students from the school came to the dubbing session to audition and be cast for various parts in the movie. They were given the opportunity to apply and experience the “real deal” of what they have learned in their workshop.

The VoiceMaster Inspires Voiceworx Students in the Dubbing Audition

The Philippine Center for Voice Acting is the first voice acting school in the country. Housed under Pocholo’s company, Creativoices Productions, his voice acting school offers Voiceworx: Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop. The workshop runs for 8 Saturdays, where students get to explore their voice and discover their talents in voice acting, voiceover, broadcasting, hosting and even motivational speaking. Since 2005, the workshop has produced thousands of graduates, and hundreds of them have pursued a fruitful career in the industry.

Pocholo gets love and support from co-Voiceworx facilitators Danny Mandia and Brian Ligsay

Pocholo was also supported by his mentor and co-Voiceworx facilitator Danny Mandia, and business partner and co-Voiceworx facilitator Brian Ligsay.

It’s as if Pocholo has not taken a break from the dubbing scene, as he effortlessly took the reins of the dubbing, which took about 12 hours to finish. He meticulously perfected every scene, and even provided coaching and mentoring to the Voiceworx students who are trying it out for the first time. He also dubbed a few small roles himself in the movie.

The VoiceMaster Dubbing Some Roles

“A Little Bit of Heaven” is just the first of Pocholo’s long string of dubbing projects lined up with the network. Pocholo’s comeback is timely as he also releases his second book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent” in September.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Job Seekers at the 2016 Manila Bulletin Job Fair

Almost 1,000 job seekers flocked to the Skydome at SM North Edsa for Manila Bulletin’s 2-day job fair. More than a dozen companies, mostly BPO’s, participated to give applicants an easy-access to apply for a position in their company.

The VoiceMaster inspires job seekers at Manila Bulletin Job Fair 2016

More than just a job fair, the job seekers were entertained through exciting games and raffles with prizes from Manila Bulletin. The participants were also energized with motivational talks from renowned speakers of AIB Training, headed by Mr. Al Ian Barcelona.

On August 23, the first day of the job fair, the job seekers were inspired by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales through his talk entitled “8 to be GREAT”. He started by sharing his journey as a voice artist, a youth advocate and also a motivational speaker. He also entertained the audience with his hugot lines and voice acting skills.

The VoiceMaster transitioned into his main topic by sharing his principles about success and passion-driven work. He advised the job seekers to look beyond making money as the motivation for choosing which job to apply for. According to him, you should have a vision of what you would become in your job and a “deadline” on how long you will stay in a particular job role (or even company) in order not to be trapped in the viscious cycle of a job. He gave the audience a new perspective of job-seeking.

The VoiceMaster then talked about the 8 P’s that contribute to one’s success, specifically in the workplace – puso (passion), pagbabahagi (sharing), pursigido (persistence), paniniwala (belief), pagmamahal (love), pangarap (dream), patutunguhan (purpose), and pagkakataon (opportunity). He encouraged the audience to believe in their own greatness, and to discover their passions and skills that they can maximize in their work. He also talked about finding one’s life purpose and using their career as a stepping stone to fulfill their it.

The VoiceMaster Talks About Success in his Talk 8 TO BE GREAT

The VoiceMaster wrapped up his talk with his Pochology, “Availability is your best ability.” He encouraged the audience to always open themselves up to opportunities that would come their way, EVEN IF they will not be paid for it. He reminded the participants that their talents, skills and even good looks are useless if they are not available to express them at the right place and time.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding for Personality Development

Over 300 students filled the Teatro Genuino of Trace College in Los Banos, Laguna for the Personality Development Seminar. This whole-day seminar is part of the school’s Job Readiness program, and it is aimed towards teaching the students skills to prepare them for their professional career.

The VoiceMaster Inspires Trace College students in their Personality Development Seminar

The afternoon session was all about Personal Branding. As one of the best speakers on Personal Branding, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales graced the event with a motivational and inspirational talk on how to achieve greatness, excellence and success. He told the story of how he started his career as a voice artist and how he worked his way up to be later on recognized as the VoiceMaster of the Philippines – from his antics as a little boy in imitating the characters of his favorite radio drama, to his simple dream of hearing his voice on radio greeting his mother, to becoming a voice artist and a voice director while studying college, to opening up his voiceover company and voice acting school. He inspired the audience to lead their dreams by setting an example of a young person who went for the opportunities that came to him.

Voice Care Queen talks about Personal Branding in Trace College Personality Development Seminar

Towards the second half of the talk, the VoiceMaster shared the stage with one of his protégés, Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma. Ada talked about the importance of branding and how an individual can use the principle to develop his professional and personal life. She equated personal branding to finding one’s purpose in life, and how their purpose and brand equates to the legacy they would like to leave on earth. She also shared how grateful she is of being able to discover and live her life purpose with the help of her mentor, the VoiceMaster.

A combination of wit, an ensemble of character voices, a barage of hugot lines… and of course, a cup full of inspiration, motivation and empowerment for the youth. That’s what the VoiceMaster brought to Trace College’s Personality Development Seminar.


Monday, August 15, 2016

VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy Welcomes Second Batch

On August 14, 2016, about 50 students from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila as well as nearby provinces gathered at the DZXL-RMN Manila headquarters in Makati, for the second batch of the Radio Broadcasting Academy. The Radio Broadcasting Academy is a whole-day workshop geared towards teaching radio broadcasting skills to new and aspiring broadcasters, even those who are non-Communication majors.

Ada Cuaresma, Deo de Guzman, and Alvin Lorena and Josh Castro

After the opening ceremonies, the series of talks began with the Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma, who talked about conducting radio interviews. After a brief introduction about Voice of the Youth Network and the founder Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, Ada discussed the steps on how to effectively conduct radio interviews, and gave the participants listening exercise to harness their interviewing skills.

DZXL Senior Reporter Deo De Guzman shortly followed to discuss News Reporting. With his real-life experience as a reporter, Deo shared his expertise on how to play a detective’s role in gathering information, and to properly deliver them in the form of news. Deo was followed by VOTY anchors Josh Castro and Alvin Lorena, who talked about Broadcasting Ethics in a fun and interactive way.

DJ Big Brian Ligsay, Moxx de Vera, DJ Denn and DJ Elaine

After lunch, veteran voice artist, broadcaster and events host DJ Big Brian Ligsay came up onstage to share his expertise on voice modulation and projection for broadcasters. With a lot of exercise and stories about his broadcasting days, DJ Big Brian not only entertained but also motivated the participants to pay attention to their number one instrument in broadcasting – their VOICE.

DJ Big Brian was followed by fellow host and broadcaster Moxx de Vera, who talked about the basics of hosting. He shared his experience as a freelance host, and the skills he learned to develop that can benefit broadcasters. The last set of speakers were Radyo Kabataan hosts DJ Denn and DJ Elaine, who discussed radio programming. They gave the participants an overview of the different elements and segments of a radio show, and how to come up with a program flow for each episode. The participants were then given time to form small groups and practice creating their sample program flow.

Towards the end of the workshop, Ada did the closing remarks on behalf of the VoiceMaster. She congratulated the new members of VOTY and motivated them to ignite their volunteer spirit by taking the opportunity to be active in VOTY’s initiatives.

Radio Broadcasting Academy participants pose with the speakers and hosts from VOTY

The Radio Broadcasting Academy is an initiative of Voice of the Youth Network in partnership with DZXL-RMN Manila.


Monday, August 8, 2016

VOTY Holds Its First Class in Radio Broadcasting Academy

Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) in partnership with DZXL-RMN Manila, held its first Radio Broadcasting Academy on August 7, 2016 at the DZXL headquarters in Makati City. 50 college students from various colleges and universities attended this whole-day workshop to develop their broadcasting skills such as conducting interviews, news writing and creating radio programs.

Radio Broadcasting Academy Speakers

After the opening ceremonies, VOTY’s Head Secretariat Ada Cuaresma came onstage as the first speaker. She started her presentation with an introduction about VOTY. She explained what VOTY does, and how and why it has been established by its Founder, Youth Media Pioneer Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. She then proceeded with a quick workshop on how to interview guests for a radio show.

A couple of resident broadcasters in DZXL also shared their knowledge in the workshop. News Manager and Anchor Salvador “Buddy” Oberas talked about being an effective news anchor, and taught skills on news writing and research. His talk was followed by one of DZXL’s senior reporters, Deo De Guzman, whose presentation tackled news reporting and interviewing.

DZXL Station Manager Jenil Demorito speaks to the RBA Participants

After lunch, DZXL Station Manager Jenil Demorito spent a few minutes to greet the workshop participants. He excitedly share the opportunities that abound in radio broadcasting, and gave tips from his own personal experience on how to live a meaningful and fun life as a radio broadcaster.

Shortly after, radio hosts and volunteers from VOTY also shared their knowledge on other important topics. Alvin Lorena and Josh Castro teamed up to discuss broadcasting ethics, where they lined up the do’s and don’ts of what to say on air. The last topic of the workshop was covered by the hosts of Radio Kabataan – DJ Denn and DJ Elaine – where they talked about how to plan and manage the program flow of a radio show. They shared a lot of insights, tips and techniques on how to make a radio program informative yet entertaining at the same time.

VOTY and DZXL-RMN Radio Broadcasting Academy

The workshop closed with Ate Ada relaying to the group the message from the VoiceMaster, welcoming them to VOTY and inspiring them to take the opportunity to become an inspiration to their fellow youth.


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