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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Professional Speakers Unite at Keynote 2017: First Professional Speakers Conference

On July 26, 2017, the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, Inc. (PAPS) organized the first-ever conference for professional speakers entitled “Keynote 2017”. Around 100 aspiring and existing professional speakers filled the Jesus V. Del Rosario conference hall of the AIM Conference Center in Makati City to witness this milestone in the field of public speaking.

Induction of PAPS Board of Directors with keynote speaker Jonathan Low

The whole-day event started with an inspiring keynote by Jonathan Low, past President of Global Speakers Federation and Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers. In his keynote, Jonathan shared his experience of having a sense of community within the speaking profession in his country, and also shared some valuable insights on how a professional speaker can uphold himself to the highest standard. He also highlighted authenticity as one of the qualities that a professional speaker should possess, in order to become successful in his career. Jonathan also led the induction and oath-taking of the PAPS Board of Directors right after his speech.

Two panel discussions followed shortly after the oath-taking. The first panel discussion was geared towards aspiring professional speakers, on how they can jumpstart their profession. The panel was composed of Karen Agustin-Ostrea, 2002 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe and Managing Director of Global Image Management, Inc.; Bryson Bonsol, Laughter Yoga Leader and owner of Be Blest; and Ricky de Vera, a business mentor, consultant, trainor and motivational speaker. The panel was moderated by Pambansang Inspirasyon and PAPS Founding President Lloyd Luna. The panelists shared how they started their career in the public speaking arena, as well as the challenges they had to overcome in order to make a name for themselves as speakers.

The second panel discussion was about benchmarking the profession, where they discussed current industry best practices, as well as how a Filipino motivational speaker can conquer the international stage. The panel was moderated by PAPS Chairman of the Board Carlos “Pido” Aguilar. Among the panelists were Dr. Joyce Dy, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of Lyceum of the Philippines University; NPI Communications Consulting Inc. CEO Archie Inlong, and Lhoree Valerio, a Certified Hospitality Educator at De La Salle College of St. Benilde.

PAPS founding members with keynote speaker Ms Karen Davila

After lunch, the participants were treated to another inspiring keynote by ABS CBN and ANC Host, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Ms. Karen Davila. Karen acknowledged and lauded the participants, recognizing that being a motivational speaker is a noble calling that they should be proud of undertaking. She gave the audience her perspective of the qualities that make a great professional speaker. She emphasized being authentic, having a great story, and keeping an open mind. A quick open forum was conducted where Karen answered questions from the audience.

Two more panel discussions happened in the afternoon session. The first panel was about mentoring for professional speakers, which was moderated by Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Assistant Vice President and PAPS founding member Jesse Rebustillo. The panel was composed of Salt and Light Founder Boris Joaquin; Southeast Asia Speakers and Trainers Bureau Founder Dina Loomis; author, TV host and actor, and motivational speaker Michael Angelo Lobrin; and Voice Director, author, youth advocate and PAPS founding member, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

Pocholo Gonzales talks about mentoring young and aspiring speakers

The last panel discussion was about building the community of professional speakers, where they discussed the value of camaraderie and synergy among speakers, and reaching consensus on the standards and norms of the industry. The panel was composed of Manila Bulletin Head of External Affairs Barbie Atienza; author and founder of Project CourageZone JC Libiran; DLSU educator and Kairos recollection master No-el Salvacion; and PAPS CEO Michelle Lim. The panel was moderated by AIB Training’s Chief Awesome Officer, Al Ian Barcelona.

Keynote 2017 closed with the singing of the PAPS hymn.

Here are the highlights of the event.

Philippine Association of Professional Speakers is a network of existing and aspiring professional speakers whose mission is to uphold the holistic development of professional speakers in the country.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Pochologist Talks about Public Speaking for Sales and PR Professionals

On June 29, TAG Media and Public Relations organized a workshop on blogging, branding, SEO and public speaking, held at the Misono Teppanyaki restaurant in Makati City. Around 50 participants attended the event to learn about the topics from the industry experts, including TAG Media founder, Engr. Grace Bondad-Nicolas, and Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

Filipino motivational speaker talks about public speaking

The event started with a networking activity, where the participants were given time to go around and chat with each other. As some participants have come from provinces near and far, the networking was a good opportunity to establish potential partnerships and future deals.

After the networking activity, Engr. Grace was the first speaker in the four-hour event, where she talked about the importance of blogging and the use of social media in PR. She shared her own experience as a marketing and blogging expert, and also shared tips on how to write a good press release in as little as 5 minutes! She gave the participants a few minutes to write their own article, using the technique and structure she has shared.

The next speaker was Robert Rillorta of Tree Top Adventure Baguio. Robert talked about search engine optimization. He explained the benefits of SEO to any business, and how they can leverage the power of social media to engage with their audience. He also touched on some of the metrics that gauge the effectiveness of one’s SEO efforts. Robert was followed by Jackie Dilag, Marketing and Sales Head of Tree Top Adventure in Subic. Jackie’s presentation was about branding, both for businesses and individuals. Jackie spoke of brands that have dominated their respective brand categories, and also shared some tools and tips on how to estabish one’s brand.

Digital Marketing Branding and Public Speaking

The last speaker for the event was the VoiceMaster, who discussed the art of public speaking. Pocholo started his presentation with an introduction of who he is and what he does, and how he journeyed into the public speaking arena. He also gave the audience a glimpse of his career as a voice artist, and impressed the audience with his reportoire of character voices.

Pocholo then transitioned to his topic, and gave an explanation as to why public speaking has become the number 1 fear in the world. He also talked about spontaneity, and how this quality can be the key to overcoming a person’s fear of public speaking. Pocholo also reminded the participants to always speak FOR the audience instead of TO the audience. He also emphasized the use of humor, stories and pauses to make one’s presentation powerful, engaging and memorable.

The workshop was organized TAG Media and Public Relations in partnership with Elabram Systems, Multibiz International Corp., Tree Top Adventure and Zoomanity Group.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pochology Academy Conducts Sales and Public Speaking Training for Multibiz International Corporation

On June 7, Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales led his training team to conduct the Public Speaking and Effective Sales Presentation workshop for Multibiz International Corporation. Ten participants attended the whole-day workshop, which was held at the Moderno restaurant in Tagaytay City.

Filipino motivational speaker opens the training with focus group discussion

The workshop started with a focus group discussion, led by Pocholo. He set the mood and the expectations of what the participants were to learn for the rest of the day. He also talked about his school, Pochology Academy, and shared the organization’s mission of inspiring greatness and excellence in every Filipino.

Pocholo then gave the floor to the participants, and asked them to share their challenges and what they would like to learn about public speaking and selling. One by one, the participants talked about what they feel they need to improve in order to confidently sell the products of their company. They brought up their fears in public speaking, and how they would want their voice to improve in order to deliver their sales presentation better.

Voice Care Queen conducts workshop on public speaking

After the focus group discussion, Pocholo called the next trainer, Ada Cuaresma, to begin the workshop proper. Dubbed as the “Voice Care Queen,” Ada is one of Pocholo’s students whom he trained to become a motivational speaker. She handled the public speaking section of the workshop, to share what she has also learned from the most sought-after Filipino motivational speaker.

After a quick icebreaker to energize the class, Ada started with an activity, where the participants did a 1-minute product presentation to evaluate the pre-workshop performance of the class. This activity was followed by a short lunch break. After lunch, Voiceworx scholar and VOTY broadcaster Kelvin Lumibao energized the crowd by doing several voice impersonations that he does as a voice artist.

Voiceworx scholar Kelvin Lumibao entertains the class with voice impressions

Ada came back onstage and resumed the lesson with managing public speaking anxiety. Ada explained the reasons why public speaking is the number 1 fear, and equipped the class with tools to overcome that fear. She also shared the different elements that the participants can use to make their presentations more engaging and relevant to their audience, and ended with a structure that they can use to give their presentations a better flow.

The last part of the workshop was handled by Microphone Club member Mike Acuna, who focused on selling tips and strategies. He supplemented the public speaking training with tools to help the participants present their products better to their clients. From proper selling mindset to effective selling vocabulary, Mike provided a clear roadmap for the participants, and opened their mind to a new approach on effective selling.

Sales Presentation Simulation

The whole-day workshop prepared the participants for the sales presentation simulation the following day. They were asked to prepare a 10-15 minute presentation with product demonstration, which they presented in front of a panel and the class. The panel consisted of the Pochology Academy Trainers, TAG Media Founder Engr. Grace Bondad-Nicolas, and Multibiz Founder Christian Leynes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The VoiceMaster Trains Pharmaceutical Students on Public Speaking

On January 25, the University of the Philippines Pharmaceutical Association (UPPHA) of the University of the Philippines Manila held its first ever public speaking seminar entitled “Beyond Say”. This half-day seminar focused on developing the communication skills of Pharmacy students through public speaking and social media. It was held at the auditorium of the College of Pharmacy, and was attended by around 50 students, particularly those who are graduating from the course.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to do the public speaking workshop. The participants were in for a treat as the VoiceMaster did not only teach the basics of public speaking, but also demonstrated it during his own presentation.

Pocholo started with an introduction of the VoiceMaster – who he is, and how he uses the power of his voice to convey powerful and meaningful messages through public speaking. He told the story of his journey as a voice artist, a broadcaster, and a youth advocate, and how his experiences made him discover his calling as a motivational speaker. Of course, he didn’t disappoint as he showcased his repertoire of character voices – from famous cartoon characters to famous celebrities.

The VoiceMaster also motivated the students as he talked about passion, greatness and excellence. He talked about the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and how he was accomplished noteworthy things despite the lack of resources and technology. He challenged the audience to do the same thing and become an inspiration to their fellow youth.

The last part of his talk was a mini-workshop on public speaking. But instead of the conventional tips and techniques on public speaking, the VoiceMaster dove straight into the heart of public speaking. He enlightened the audience about why people fear and struggle with public speaking. Through some activities, he taught the audience how to practice spontaneity, which he considers to be the number one skill needed in public speaking. Lastly, he gave 4 strategies to engage the audience during a speech: stories, humor, involvement and pause.

Towards the end, the VoiceMaster encouraged the participants to see public speaking as a venue where they could inspire and contribute towards positive social change.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Philippine Association of Public Speakers: The Future of Filipino Motivational Speaking

December 1 marks a milestone in the public speaking arena in the Philippines, with the ceremonial signing of the Philippine Association of Public Speakers (PAPS). PAPS is the first and only organization in the country that aims to standardize the quality and professionalism of public speakers through training, certification, and best-practice sharing.


The ceremonial signing was held at the Manila Bulletin headquarters in Intramuros, Manila. Eight of the founding members of PAPS participated in the signing – Pambansang Inspirasyon Lloyd Luna, AIB Training’s Chief Awesome Officer Al Ian Barcelona, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, SM Retail Creative Director Cleo Serevilla, TAG Media and Public Relations Founder Grace Bondad-Nicolas, 2002 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Karen Ostrea, Professor and Author Carlo “Pido” Aguilar Jr., and Manila Bulletin Head of External Affairs Barbie Atienza.


The evening began with a fun-filled dinner, where they took turns sharing their story and how they ventured into public speaking. It was evident that each person has his or her own story of frustration, defeat and challenges which they have overcome to get to where they are today.  For instance, Barbie shared how he has survived a late-stage cancer, and is now inspiring others with his story of courage and persistance. Karen shared how she went from being a college kick-out to Bb. Pilipinas-Universe, and to now as an owner of a Personality Development school. Pocholo told of how he has been rejected and passed on for roles as a young voice artist by the veterans, and how those negative experiences fuelled his desire to open the doors of the industry to all aspiring voice artists, which led him to open the first and only voice acting school in the country, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting.


The ceremonial signing happened after the sumptuous dinner, which signified the official launch of PAPS. Planning for its future initiatives and programs will be scheduled in the coming weeks.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pochology Academy Conducts Public Speaking Workshop for PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative


On November 26, the PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative, Inc. or PECCI organized a one-day workshop on Public Speaking and Effective Communication, held at its headquarters in Universal Re Building in Makati City. Over 20 PECCI officers and PLDT managers attended the workshop to hone their skills in public speaking, which will be useful in their business presentations, board meetings and even their everyday communication within the organization.


Pochology Academy was invited to conduct the workshop, led by its founder Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. After some introduction and welcome remarks, the workshop began with a motivational talk by the VoiceMaster on how to speak so people will listen. During his presentation, the VoiceMaster demonstrated and shared the tools and techniques that he uses that made him one of the country’s most sought-after speakers. He emphasized that the first thing speakers need to develop is the mindset that they are public speakers in all shapes and forms, and that they should see speaking engagements as a two-way communication with the audience, instead of a lecture.

The VoiceMaster also inspired the participants to look at public speaking not just as a way to communicate their message to an audience, but also as an avenue to express what they are passionate about in a way that is inspiring and motivating to their audience. He also spoke about the power of the voice, and encouraged the participants to look at their voice as the “force” that can transform the lives of those that would receive their message.


After the VoiceMaster’s inspirational talk, Pochology Academy trainer Ada Cuaresma started the workshop proper with a group activity. She gave the participants a mini-workshop on voice, and gave them tools, techniques and exercises to develop their vocal power, and tips on how to take care of their most valuable tool in public speaking.

The voice training was followed by another mini-workshop, this time on managing public speaking anxiety and engaging the audience. The participants were led through a series of fun activities to help them become more confident, and to enable them to speak naturally and spontaneously in front of their audience. They were also given 4 elements that they can incorporate into their presentations to better involve the audience in their public speaking.


The day capped off with the participants lining up to have the VoiceMaster sign their copy of his book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent,” which was given to the participants by PECCI as a token.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The VoiceMaster Motivates Graduating Students at CEU Makati’s Job Hunting Seminar

More than 500 graduating students gathered at the Activity Center of Centro Escolar University, Makati for their annual Job Hunting Seminar, on October 25, 2016. With the theme, “Branding on Campus: Maximizing Career Opportunities,” the seminar aims to help graduating students gain a competitive advantage as they go out to pursue their respective careers after graduation.


The first half of the seminar featured two of the country’s most sought-after motivational speakers of this generation – Pambansang Inspirasyon Lloyd Luna, and Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

After an intermission number, the VoiceMaster came onstage to talk about “Personal Branding for Students.” He began his talk with an introduction of what he is doing – as a voice artist, youth advocate, storyteller and a motivational speaker. The VoiceMaster entertained the crowd with his repertoire of character voices, hugot lines and humorous banters.


The VoiceMaster then transitioned to the meat of his talk – about finding one’s purpose in order to establish their brand. He emphasized how important it is to discover one’s passion and purpose, in order for them to do work that is meaningful and not just do work to earn money. He reminded the young people that they are not “young” forever, and that it’s never too late or too early to pursue what they would like to become. The VoiceMaster also told the story of how he, at the young age of 16, discovered his passion for voice acting, which later on became the catapult to establish his brand as the VoiceMaster.

The VoiceMaster also shared his “8 to be GREAT” – or the 8 qualities of people of greatness. He explained that one’s success in his/her chosen career or profession does not rely on how you write your resume, or how you dress up or answer questions during an interview. Rather, being great has to do with building character, so that they don’t just ace their job application, but their career as well.


The VoiceMaster closed his talk with his Pochology: Availability is the best ability. He challenged the students to be open to opportunities for them to express their passion and skills.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires UST Marketing Students in their ‘Breakthrough Seminar’

The University of Sto. Tomas Junior Marketing Association held a half-day seminar entitled “Breakthrough 2016” on October 24, 2016 at the Commerce AVR of St. Raymund de Penafort Building. Around 100 students attended the event to learn to build their self-confidence, particularly in the area of hosting and public speaking. The highlight of the seminar were 3 guest speakers who are esteemed in their respective fields when it comes to hosting and public speaking.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the second speaker on the lineup. In his talk entitled “The Art of Voice Acting in Public Speaking,” he emphasized on the importance of the voice in public speaking. According to the VoiceMaster, the voice is the most powerful human instrument, yet most people never pay attention to how they use it in their everyday lives, much less when it comes to public speaking. He shared his experiences as a voice artist, and even entertained the audience with his repertoire of character voices.


This showcase of voice acting skills was the VoiceMaster’s transition to inspire and motivate the students to appreciate their voice and use it to affect positive social change. According to the VoiceMaster, no amount of public speaking techniques or do’s and dont’s will take the place of speaking from the heart, especially if you’re speaking in front of an audience. He challenged the students to always be intentional in their actions and in life. To the VoiceMaster, as long as you are clear with your intention on why you are speaking in front of the audience, you will not only have confidence, but you will also have a purpose.

The two other speakers in Breakthrough 2016 are DJ and host Angel Jones, and TV reporter Carlo Lorenzo.


Monday, October 24, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Thousands of Students and Teachers at DepEd NIR’s Youth Formation Summit

The Department of Education – Negros Island Region held its fourth Youth Formation Summit, more popularly known as the “Nation of Heroes 4” on October 21-23, 2016 at La Carlota City, Negros Occidental. Thousands of students and teachers from the different schools in the region gathered for 3 days of fun and learning.


With the theme “Batang Bayani: Bahagi Ako ng Pagbabago,” the summit aimed to build the leadership skills and mindset among the Filipino youth.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited back to the Nation of Heroes event as one of the speakers on the third day of the summit. He inspired and motivated more than 2,000 students and teachers by teaching them a simplified approach to leadership with his talk entitled “8 to be GREAT.” The VoiceMaster shared the 8 qualities that makes a great leader, which includes passion, persistence, sharing, and love. He challenged the young people in the audience to discover their passion and purpose, and spend their lives expressing it. He even talked about Dr. Jose Rizal as the epitome of Filipino greatness, and shared untold stories about the National Hero. He challenged the audience to become familiar with Rizal’s life and work not for learning history, but to learn and emulate his principles and ideals.


The VoiceMaster also talked about the power of the voice, and how he has used his own voice from when he was young, not only to entertain people but to also inspire and motivate them. He told about his experience starting out young in the voice acting industry, and how he built his reputation in the world of voice by building the first-ever voice acting school in the country, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. Of course, the VoiceMaster’s talk would not be complete without the proverbial “sample” – which he did by imitating personalities and showcasing the commercials, animation and Koreanovelas he has voiced. He also wowed the audience with a storytelling session where he did cartoon character voices. The VoiceMaster gave the opportunity to volunteers from the audience to showcase their talents.


Nation of Heroes 4 was held in partnership with the Schools Division of La Carlota City, Gaba-an Youth Lead, New Ground Events and PRISAAP.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

The VoiceMaster Speaks about Greatness at the AdJMA Marketing Summit 2016

Hundreds of Marketing students filled the Adamson University Theater for Adamson Junior Marketing Association’s Marketing Summit 2016. With the theme “Sprinting Towards Marketing Homerun,” the seminar focused on learning best practices in Marketing and Business from some of the country’s finest CEO’s.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the last speaker of the event, who talked about the art of Personal Branding in his talk entitled “8 to be GREAT.” After energizing the crowd with a quick icebreaker, he started off with the story of how he branded himself in the world of voice – as a voice artist, radio broadcaster and motivational speaker. The VoiceMaster filled the audience with awe and amazement as he did his repertoire of character voices – from the commercials and shows he has done, to imitating voices of famous personalities both dead and alive.


Pocholo also touched on about the life of Dr. Jose Rizal, whom he believes is one of the greatest Personal Branding experts of the country. According to Pocholo, Rizal is a hero not only because of what he has done for the country, but more importantly, for the ideals and principles that he stood for. Pocholo encouraged the students to learn more about Rizal not only for remembering history, but in order for them to discover their own greatness as Filipinos.

Pocholo tackled the subject of personal branding from an inspirational and motivational perspective. His talk centered around the 8 qualities that makes up a person of greatness and excellence, which he believes everyone has in one way or another. The 8 qualities included passion, faith in one’s self, purpose, and sharing, among many others. Pocholo encouraged the participants to identify their purpose in life, because that is the only way they can truly be happy and successful. He challenged the students to shift their mindset from getting into business for the purpose of earning money, to getting into business for the purpose of serving the world.


The VoiceMaster also shared the stage with a couple of his students, who also inspired the audience with their own talent and personal stories of reaching for their dreams.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires College Students of Lopez, Quezon

On October 3, the 5th Semi-Annual Student Conference of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Lopez Campus was held in SM Lucena in the province of Quezon. Hundreds of students participated in a morning of fun raffle draws, as well as learning from speakers who were invited to talk in line with the event theme “Fostering competitive edge to the borderless business world.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the second and last speaker for the event. In his talk entitled “8 to be GREAT,” Pocholo inspired the students to discover and embrace their greatness, and to be an inspiration to their fellow youth. After an energizer and a barage of hugot lines, the VoiceMaster went on to share his story of how he used the power of his voice to pursue his passion not only for voice acting, but to also to inspire, motivate and empower his fellow Filipinos.


The VoiceMaster talked about the voice as the most powerful human instrument, and how it can be used to spark positive social change in the society. He demonstrated how his voice has enabled him to brand himself as the VoiceMaster, not because of the many character voices he could make, but because he has opened the door of the voice acting industry to those who aspire to be part of it. He also told the story of how he became a youth advocate, travelled the world, and discovered his calling to be a motivational speaker.


The VoiceMaster inspired the participants to “do something today that your future self will thank you for.” He spoke profoundly about time and how it should be spent doing something significant, and not let it pass without discovering what they are really passionate about. In the end, he left the audience with his own words of wisdom – his Pochology – that “Availability is the best ability.” He encouraged the audience to make themselves availabe to the opportunities that will enable them to live out their life purpose.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Accounting Students of DLSU-Dasmarinas

On September 30, the Accounting Enrichment Society (AcES) of De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, held its seminar entitled “Speak Up: Communication Skills for Student Development.” The event is geared towards developing the communication skills of Accounting and Finance students of the campus, in order to become confident, effective and competent for the global workforce.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to speak in the afternoon session, renowned for his contribution in training people on the power of voice. In his talk, “Your Voice, Your Force,” Pocholo proves that the voice is the most powerful human instrument, as it can be used to change or destroy lives. He started out by sharing how he has discovered the power of his own voice as a 7-year-old boy who loved listening to radio drama because they didn’t have television in their home in Mariveles, Bataan. His love for voice acting grew as he started imitating voices of cartoon characters, famous personalities, and even his school teachers! Pocholo mastered the art and not only became a professional voice artist, but also built his own voiceover company, and the country’s very first voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting.


The audience were met with awe and amazement as Pocholo demonstrated his repertoire of voices – from the commercials and shows that he has lent his voice to, to the famous characters and personalities that he can imitate.


Pocholo’s journey in the industry led him to discover his passion to teach, motivate and empower, making him enter the world of youth empowerment and motivational speaking. He told the audience how, through the use of his voice, he was able to fulfill his mission and desire to make other people better and happy. Pocholo concluded his talk with a challenge to the participants, to discover and fulfill their life purpose, and to “never waste an opportunity to be an inspiration to their fellow youth.”


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pochology Academy Inspires Financial Management Students of Wesleyan University in Cabanatuan

Over 500 Financial Management students of Wesleyan University Cabanatuan gathered for the Junior Financial Executives – Wesleyan University Chapter’s Symposium. The event was held on September 28 at the Roof Park of SM City Cabanatuan. With the theme “Financial Insights of the Millennial Generation,” the event focused on raising the level of financial literacy for today’s youth.


The audience were entertained with raffle draws and games in the half-day symposium. The highlight of the afternoon were the invited speakers who inspired, motivated and empowered the participants towards a shifted mindset towards the subject of finances.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the first speaker, who gave an entertaining yet very inspiring talk about greatness, excellence and passion. He shared his journey to becoming the VoiceMaster, not because of the many voiceover projects he’s done, but for the path he paved for aspiring voice artists through his voice acting school. The VoiceMaster shared how everything he’s done in life is always done with passion more than with the motivation of earning money, and encouraged the audience to do the same. He shared many of his words of wisdom which he calls “Pochology” to encourage the students to discover their passion and purpose in life in order to do work that is meaningful and not just for necessity. Of course, the VoiceMaster amazed the audience with his tirade of hugot lines and sample of character voices and a one-man radio drama.

The second speaker was Ada “The Voice Care Queen” Cuaresma, who spoke about “The heart of personal investing.” Just like her mentor, The VoiceMaster, Ada inspired the audience with a different concept of investing. Her talk centered around investing one’s time, effort and skills in order to discover one’s purpose, improve personal energy, develop healthy relationships and sharpen one’s abilities. Ada also made her presentation interactive with some activities.


The symposium ended with more energized, inspired and empowered Financial Management students of Wesleyan University.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

The VoiceMaster Shares the Power of Voice in BlogEx Manila 2016

BlogEx Manila 2016 was held on September 24, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in Taguig City. It is the first expo that combines a trade show and conference for bloggers, social media enthusiasts, business owners, digital influencers, and new media experts.


The conference part of BlogEx Manila 2016 featured speakers who are experts in various fields such as e-commerce, tourism, education, entertainment and even food. Speakers were given 15 minutes each to share their knowledge and expertise in their respective industries, followed by a moderated panel discussion to answer questions from the audience.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was one of the speakers in the afternoon session, where he talked about the importance of the voice and the industry of voice acting. He started by introducing his work and his company, Creativoices Productions, and how he has revolutionized the field of voice acting by opening the country’s first-ever voice acting school – the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. Pocholo also told the story of how he discovered his voice acting talent at the young age of 7, when he started imitating the voices in his favorite radio drama, “Gabi ng Lagim,” growing up in their humble home in Mariveles, Bataan.

In his short speech, Pocholo did not fail to amaze the audience with his voice acting talents, as he imitated voices of famous personalities and cartoon characters. Aside from being entertained, the audience were also inspired as Pocholo emphasized the importance of pursuing a career and building a business out of passion, and the passion to serve. This led Pocholo’s talk to conclude with the promotion of his latest book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent,” the first-ever voice acting book in the Philippines, which he has written to share his 20 years of knowledge and experience in voice acting to more aspiring voice artists all over the country.


BlogEx Manila 2016 was organized by TAG Media and Public Relations in partnership with Brand Philosophy Inc.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The VoiceMaster Talks about Success and Personal Effectiveness at the PUPFPJIA’s 1st Academic Seminar

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants held its first Academic Seminar entitled "NEXUS: Breaking Barriers, Establishing Connections". Hundreds of Accounting students from various PUP campuses in Metro Manila and nearby provinces gathered at the City Hall Auditorium of Sta. Rosa, Laguna for a whole day of fun and learning.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales graced the event as the last speaker to speak about personal effectiveness. In his talk entitled, “Personal Branding: How to be an Effective You,” The VoiceMaster shared his knowledge and principles of success, and how those principles can be used to discover and live one’s purpose in life. He shared about his childhood ambition and how that led him to get into the world of voice acting and broadcasting, and how he maximized his youth to do the things he loved to do while inspiring and motivating other people.


Pocholo also talked about his advocacy of making other people better and happy with the use of his voice. He reminded the audience that the human voice is one of the most powerful sounds in the world, as it can be used to command war or love, hatred or peace, depending on the intention of the person who speaks. This led to his sharing about discovering his calling to be a youth advocate and a motivational speaker, and how he founded several advocacies to empower his fellow Filipinos here and abroad.

The VoiceMaster also shared an unlikely yet meaningful metaphor on how to view success in life. He challenged the students to define their own success and to go beyond the motivation of earning money. He encouraged them to see themselves as a person with value and purpose, and to not be defined only by high grades or social status. At the end of his talk, he reminded the audience that success is nothing unless it is shared. Which is why he shared the stage with one of his students, Brandon, who amazed the audience with his voice acting talent!


In the end, the VoiceMaster left the participants with a fresh new perspective on success and personal effectiveness.


Friday, September 16, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires HR Practitioners at the Asia HR Expo 2016

The Asia HR Expo 2016 was held on September 16 at the SMX Convention Center in Taguig City. The functon hall was divided into 2 main areas – an exhibition area for companies, and a seminar area where seminars and breakout sessions were held.

The VoiceMaster as a panelist at the Asia HR Expo 2016

As the first HR conference to discuss “digital talent acquisition,” a panel discussion was held in the afternoon to discuss out-of-the-box ideas for sourcing hard-to-find talent on and off social media. The discussion was moderated by Luuk Rietvelt of the European Chamber of Commerce. The panel was composed of Teledevelopment Country Head John Manzano, Bestjobs’ SVP for Business Development in Asia Christian Palau, Yupangco Group of Companies President Robert Yupangco, and Creativoices Productions CEO Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

The discussion mainly talked about the strategies each panelist uses in their respective industries to acquire and maintain talents in their business. They also talked about the “millennials,” and how talent acquisition have changed to adjust to the mindset and behaviors of the new generation of young professionals.

Panel discussion on out of the box ideas to source hard to find talents

Pocholo made a mark in the panel by focusing more on the heart of talent acquisition – the intrinsic motivation of today’s youth. He pointed out that everyone wants to be successful, yet very few can define what success for them is. Pocholo quoted the great Abraham Lincoln who said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And challenged the audience to discover their talents and skills that can be used to serve other people.

Pocholo also shared how his passion for his craft powered the founding of his own recording studio and his voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting, the first and only one in the country. For Pocholo, the best strategy he discovered to find talents for his voiceover business is to actually train them!

As a final message, Pocholo challenged the participants to maximize their skills and talents for a purpose beyond just earning money.

Asia HR Expo 2016 was organized by TAG Media and Public Relations, headed by husband-and-wife tandem Grace and Troy Nicolas.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

The VoiceMaster Motivates John Calub’s Public Speaking Trainees

On September 13, over 50 entrepreneurs, network marketers and professionals gathered at John Calub’s Success Lounge and CafĂ© in Ortigas for a training on public speaking and voice care.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited by Success Coach John Calub as the featured speaker for the evening, as a supplemental training for his Train-the-Trainer class. To introduce the VoiceMaster, John recalled his first encounter with Pocholo, and how he has seen him inspire and motivate other people through the use of his voice.

The VoiceMaster Speaks to John Calub's Public Speaking Students

The VoiceMaster then came on stage and started off with an energizer to keep the energy of the audience at a high. He then transitioned smoothly into his talk, introducing himself and how he has established himself in the world of voice – as a voice artist, a voice director and a motivational speaker. He also amazed the participants with the multitude of voices he can make.

Pocholo talked about the power of voice, and how everyone should use it to build strong personal and business relationships. He challenged the status quo of public speaking with his bold statement that “The rule in public speaking is that there is no rule.” He talked about the power of being authentic and natural in public speaking, and focusing on the skills and talents that you can offer to other people. From there, one can craft an inspiring story that is worth sharing.

The VoiceMaster Inspiring Aspiring Public Speakers towards Greatness and Excellence

The discussion was a perfect segue to the topic about having a vision and purpose in life, and not just be motivated by earning money. The VoiceMaster encouraged the participants to get into business or network marketing or do their job well not because they want to earn money, but because they are passionate about what they do and would like to share that passion to others.

The VoiceMaster’s talk was followed by a hosting practice session by the participants.


Monday, September 5, 2016

The VoiceMaster Speaks about Youth Media at Comguild’s Annual Journalism and Masscomm Conference

Comguild’s 11th Annual Conference of Journalism and Mass Communication Students of the Philippines was held on September 4, 2016 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater in Ateneo de Manila University. Dozens of schools from all over the country were represented as more than 1,000 Communication students together with their deans and professors attended the event.

The VoiceMaster Talks about the Importance of Youth Media

The first part of the conference included a series of talks in line with the theme “Truth, Honesty and Integrity: Media Ethics and Social Responsibility”. Included in the speaker lineup were ABS CBN reporter Raffy Santos, TV 5’s Lourd de Veyra, GMA Kapuso Foundation Head and well-respected news anchor Mel Tianco, and Youth Media pioneer Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

In his talk entitled “The Future of Media: Youth Radio Broadcasting,” Pocholo started by sharing his experience as one of the youngest broadcasters in DZMM after winning a radio drama and singing competition when he was 16 years old. He went on to inspire and entertain the audience with his voice acting expertise as he showcased the character voices he has done in anime, Koreanovela and commercials. He also did a one-man production of his childhood favorite radio drama, “Gabi ng Lagim.”

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Comguild's 11th Annual Journalism and Masscomm Conference

Pocholo transitioned to the discussion of youth media by sharing about his organization, Voice of the Youth Network – a volunteer organization that informs, inspires, involves and empowers the Filipino youth through broadcasting and ICT. He talked abouth how VOTY started and how it has helped many communication students since 1996 for their voices to be heard on the airwaves, something that most Communication students could only dream of. Pocholo showed the youth-oriented radio programs he has produced over the years, and also acknowledged some VOTY members present – DJ Denn of Radyo Kabataan and one of VOTY’s earlier members RS Mojica, who is now a professor at the College of Divine Wisdom.

The VoiceMaster then called onstage his son, 11-year-old Patrick Gabriel Gonzales, who is known to be the youngest broadcaster and motivational speaker in the Philippines. In a very quick but informative speech, Patrick wowed the audience by sharing tips on how to be successful in life. He encouraged the students to take risks and to fail their way to success, and to never be afraid to pursue their dreams just like what some of the greatest people in history have done.

The VoiceMaster Shares the Stage with his Son Patrick Gabriel Gonzales

At the end of his talk, the VoiceMaster echoed Patrick’s message and challenged the students to take every opportunity to pursue their vocation out of passion and not out of the motivation of earning money.

The second part of the conference was the Comguild Awards, where several TV/radio anchors and shows were recognized in various categories.


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