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Monday, September 26, 2016

The VoiceMaster Holds Voice Acting Workshop in Saint Paul Manila

On September 26, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales led his team of trainers to conduct a voice acting workshop for Communication and Advertising students of St. Paul University, Manila. A dozen students gathered for a half-day of in-depth and fun-filled learning on the subject of voice acting.


The workshop started with Ada Cuaresma, Executive Director of Voice Care Philippines and a Voiceworx graduate. She gave a little introduction about the industry of voice acting, about the common misconceptions and the qualities needed to succeed as a voice artist. She then transitioned into a workshop about acting with the voice. Ada gave the students a series of activities to train the students to use facial expressions, gestures, and “human sound effects” like laughs and cries to make their voice acting more natural and believable.


After the last activity, Ada introduced the next speaker, Andrew Miravalles. Andrew is also a graduate of Pocholo’s voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting, Andrew discussed the different elements of the voice, and taught the participants how to mix-and-match the different elements of the voice such as pitch and tempo to create different characters. He also gave exercises and role-play activities for participants to practice exploring the range of their voice, and the characters they can create within their range.


Voice of the Youth member and radio anchor Kelvin Lomibao came up next, to discuss about character analysis and how to play with one’s voice for dubbing and animation. Kelvin amazed the audience with a lineup of character voices that he showcased – from famous broadcasters to cartoon characters to celebrities both dead and alive! Kelvin ended his session with a “fun dubbing” activity – where the class was divided into small groups that dubbed excerpts from some famous films and anime.


The workshop ended with words of inspiration from the VoiceMaster. He challenged the participants to take the opportunity to pursue their passion even as young people, and to always follow what their heart desires. He said that none of what they learned from the workshop matters if they don’t use it to make other people better and happy.

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