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Monday, June 19, 2017

Pochology Academy Conducts Voice Acting Workshop in Sykes Makati

On June 16, a half-day voice acting workshop was conducted at the Sykes Asia office in Makati. The workshop was organized by Artist Anonymous as part of the Sykes Choices program. Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales led his team of trainers to teach the basics of voice acting to Sykes employees.

Filipino motivational speaker talks about the power of the voice

The workshop kicked off with the Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma, as she introduced the art of voice acting to the class. She gave them a glimpse of the industry, the various media where voice artists are needed, and the basic requirements needed to start a voice acting career. She then led the class through a series of vocal exercises, from warm up exercises to those that would improve the quality of one’s voice. She also gave them breathing and relaxation exercises, as those are also essential in increasing vocal power.

Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma walks participants through some vocal exercises

After those exercises, Ada called the next speaker, Kelvin Lumibao, who discussed the “VoiceMaster’s Formula in Creating Character Voices.” Kelvin is also one of Pocholo’s proteges and a scholar of his voice acting school. Kelvin started by sharing his experiences in voice acting, and even impressed the audience with an ensemble of character voices that he can do – from cartoon characters to famous personalities. He then discussed the different vocal elements that anyone can mix and match to create character voices, the way he did. This formula is also being taught by the VoiceMaster in his workshops, and is included in his second book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent.”

Kelvin Lumibao talks about the VoiceMasters formula for creating character voices

Then came the participants’ turn to experience voice acting. Ada came back onstage to transition the workshop to the subject of dubbing. She taught the audience how to write and translate scripts for dubbing, including proper format and labeling. The class was then divided into groups, and were assigned excerpts from movies and cartoons for them to translate and then dub in front of the class.

After the fun dubbing activity, Ada introduced the VoiceMaster, who closed the workshop with powerful and inspirational words. The VoiceMaster shared his vision for the voice acting industry in the Philippines, and his inspiring story of how he mastered the craft and built his voice acting school. He inspired the participants to develop an appreciation for the power of their voice, and encouraged to go beyond their current line of work to utilize it.

Participants learn how to translate scripts for dubbing

Artist Anonymous is one of the duly-organized clubs in Sykes Asia, where creative enthusiasts get to meet like-minded individuals to express and develop their artistic side.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Pochologist Shares his Business Failures in Impact Hub’s Fuck Up Night

On May 31, Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited as one of the speakers in Impact Hub’s “Fuck Up Nights Volume 5.” The event started out as a normal gathering and networking event, which turned into an event where people can learn and be inspired by the failures of now-successful entrepreneurs. Each speaker was given 15 minutes to share their “fuck-up story,” which was followed by a 5-minute question and answer session.


The VoiceMaster shares his business failures and lessons

Pocholo came onstage as the first speaker. He began by introducing what he does as a voice artist, and even impressed the audience with a “sample” of the character voices he has dubbed. Pocholo then went on to share his first-hand experience of the monopoly and politics that surrounded the voice acting industry. He recalled his first dubbing experience, where he was told by a veteran that he is no good and that he will not make it in the industry.

Pocholo transitioned into telling his “fuck up” story, where he invested a huge amount of money to build his own recording studio, with little experience in handling a business. He bought a large office space which he turned into a studio complete with state-of-the-art equipment. The business closed in just half a year because in that short moment, Pocholo lost hold of his vision to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia.

Pocholo then told of how he bounced back in 2005, and built his second company as well as the first voice acting school in the country. Even though he started out small and in a more shaky ground, it was then that he let his passion for voice acting take over, and his business turned out more successful than expected.

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Impact Hub's Fuck Up Night

In closing, Pocholo shared the number one lesson he learned in his experience: STICK TO YOUR WHY. Ultimately, it’s his passion that fuels him to work on his business, and to keep giving opportunities to those who aspire to become voice artists like Pocholo. Because of Pocholo’s school, what was once an elusive and closed-door industry became open to those who wish to become part of it.

Impact Hub is one of the country’s leading innovation labs and startup incubator, with its headquarters at the Picadilly Star in Taguig City.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creativoices Productions Conducts Advanced Voice Acting Workshop for Radio, TV and Animation

Creativoices Productions conducted an advanced voice acting workshop on March 28, at its headquarters in Makati City. The workshop was facilitated by Voiceworx Director Brian Ligsay, and Creativoices CEO and Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

Vocieworx Director Brian Ligsay facilitates Voice Acting Academy for Radio TV and Animation

The whole-day intensive workshop was intended for Voiceworx graduates and those with some experience in dubbing and voiceover. Ten participants experienced this comprehensive voice workshop to sharpen their voice acting skills, particularly in dubbing and voiceovers.

The day started with an introduction and an icebreaker, and a motivational talk by the VoiceMaster. He set the mood for the participants to develop a deeper appreciation for the art of voice acting. Pocholo shared the stories of how the industry has grown in his 20 years of being in it, and how their voice acting school has opened the doors to all who used to just dream to become voice artists.

Then came Voiceworx Director Brian Ligsay, who started the intense training with a unique get-to-know-you activity. A thorough discussion about the voice acting industry followed, where Brian gave a high-level overview of voice acting history and trends. The presentation gave the participants a huge awareness on the world of opportunities that await them.

After a quick break, the students went through various voice exercises to improve their breathing, pitch range, and articulation. The exercises prepared them for a mock recording at the latter part of the workshop.

After lunch, the students moved to Creativoices’ recording studio where the workshop continued. Brian shared what the participants should expect as they journey through the voice acting industry. He also gave tips on how they can create their voice demos, behave in auditions and recordings, and a lot of tips to market themselves as freelance voice artists. He also walked them through the various studio equipment that they will encounter inside a recording booth.

The discussion prepared the participants for their mock recording, which was the last part of the workshop. One by one, the participants entered the recording booth to record a couple of voiceover scripts in various genre – commercials, narration, documentary, among many others. Feedback was given by Brian and the class as to how each student can improve their script reading and their vocal quality.

The workshop ended with the participants receiving their certificate of participation, and with a whole new set of knowledge to conquer the voice acting world.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The VoiceMaster Bagged Two Awards at the Philippine Social Media Awards Night

The Philippine Social Media Awards was held on December 15, 2016, at the One Shangri-la Place in Mandaluyong City. The awards night was organized by the Philippine Social Media Examiner in partnership with Center for Sagip-Hirap Charity Foundation Inc. to recognize individuals and organizations that used the power of social media to create a positive impact to the society. Over a dozen awardees graced the event with their presence, to receive their Philippine Social Media Star Achiever and Philippine Social Media Star Brand Awards for their respective fields.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales bagged not just one, but TWO awards during this event. The VoiceMaster was awarded the Philippine Social Media Star Achiever for Arts and Entrepreneurship, in recognition for his accomplishments and contributions to the voice acting industry. His company, Creativoices Productions, was also awarded with the Philippine Social Media Star Brand for Most Outstanding Center for Voice Acting and Dubbing.


The VoiceMaster is considered an institution in the voice acting industry. Being the most respected and recognized voice artist in the country, he has been true to his vision to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia for 20 years and still counting. He revolutionized the industry by creating the first and only voice acting school on the Philippines, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. The school did not only raise the bar on the quality of talents that do voiceover projects, it also opened the doors of the industry to those who have the passion and commitment to practice the craft. Since 2005, Pocholo’s school has produced thousands of graduates, with hundreds of them making their name in voice acting, voiceover, hosting, broadcasting and even public speaking.

Pocholo has also brought pride to the Philippines in the international voice acting scene, by becoming the only Filipino/Asian panelist in the 2012 VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE) convention, which was then held in Anaheim, California. His company has also taken on one of its biggest international clients, SEGA Games, in 2008, and did voiceovers for their video games such as Golden Gun, Operation Ghost, Harley Davidson King of the Road, and Transformers: Human Alliance.


The Philippine Social Media Star Achiever award was also given to multi-awarded legends such as Comedy Queen Ai Ai delas Alas and world-class ballerina Shirley Halili-Cruz during the evening.

Truly, a recognition fit for the “man behind a thousand voices.”


Monday, November 28, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires IT Students in Bulacan State University’s 6th IT Congress

The Society for the Welfare of Information Technology Students (SWITS) of Bulacan State University organized the 6th IT Congress last November 25. Over 2,000 IT students filled the KB Gym in Malolos, Bulacan, to learn from the invited speakers regarding the ICT industry.


Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was one of the resource speakers for the event. His talk was preceded by a segment they called “Creative Voice” – a voice acting and fun dubbing contest. Several contestants were grouped together to do a fun dub of scenes from popular anime. The winners were decided as the audience applauded for their favorite group.

After “Creative Voice,” The VoiceMaster came onstage to speak about the art of voice acting in the Animation and ICT industry. He shared the story of his company, Creativoices Productions, to the audience, and how he built his company to open the first and only voice acting school in the country. Pocholo amazed the audience by doing an ensemble of character voices. He then challenged the students to discover their own talents and passions so that like him, they can also live a life where their passion comes into play.


The VoiceMaster also showed the audience the world-class talent of Filipino voice artists, as he showed video after video clip of international video games and animations that were voiced by Filipinos. He also showed video clips of some of his TV features in local and cable television, as he spoke about the art of voice acting. The VoiceMaster then emphasized that he is showing his company’s accomplishments not just to brag about their achievements, but to demonstrate the limitless opportunities in the voice acting industry – not just for voice artists, but also for ICT professionals. “As technology grows, the need for voiceover grows,” were the wise words of the VoiceMaster. He discussed how animation has become a billion-dollar industry, and how other emerging media have increased the demand for voice artists.


In the end, the VoiceMaster took the opportunity to promote his book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent,” the first and only voice acting book in the Philippines.


Monday, November 21, 2016

The VoiceMaster Teaches Voice Acting to Animation Students

On November 19, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales conducted a 3-hour voice acting workshop for the Animation students of iAcademy in Makati City. Over 30 participants attended the workshop to learn about the art of giving life to animation through the use of voice.


The VoiceMaster shared the story of his journey in the voice acting world. He told the story of how he discovered his talent and inclination for the craft, and how it has given birth to his vision to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia. He also talked about the opportunities that await those who want to get in to the industry, as well as the future of voice acting amidst all the technological advancements today.


The VoiceMaster also went beyond the topic of voice acting and also highlighted the importance of voice as the most powerful human instrument. He shared how voice is what makes an animation human, and that voice is what enables us to move the world with our message. The VoiceMaster drove the point home as amazed the audience with a repertoire of character voices that he has done and imitated – cartoon characters, famous personalities and celebritites. He also performed a one-man live radio drama for the participants, and afterwards asked the students to draw the characters that they heard in the radio drama.


The VoiceMaster’s talk was not only informative, but more importantly, a very inspirational one. His story of how he made it in the voice acting industry was not only a testament of his talent, but also of his passion and commitment to be true to the life mission he has discovered for himself. He encouraged the students to identify their life purpose – their calling – and dedicate their life to pursuing and living that calling.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Society of Young Filipino Speakers Conducts Self-Discovery Workshop

The Society of Young Filipino Speakers (YFS) rolled out its first training for members to hone their skills in motivational speaking. On October 10, the first batch of participants attended the Self-Discovery workshop, which aims to help the members to discover and uncover their personal stories, experiences and life lessons that can be used to inspire and motivate others.


The half-day workshop was facilitated by one of YFS mentors, Ada Cuaresma, who handled the first half of the workshop. She led the participants through a series of writing activities where they would write their life experiences and the lessons they learned from those experiences. After some time for self-reflection and writing, the participants took turns to share what they have written during the activity.

Some of the self-reflecting activities included writing what they have learned about leadership, money, happiness and other aspects of life, lessons learned from first-time experiences, and writing thank-you letters to people who have impacted their life in a positive and negative way.


After a short break, YFS founder Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales inspired and motivated the participants on discovering their life purpose, and how they can use their passion and skill to be of service to others. He encouraged them to think of public speaking or motivational speaking as a way to make other people better and happy, and not just as a way to push their own beliefs or interests on others. He challenged their thinking to go beyond the norms of the society, and to believe that they are the creator of their own reality. The participants were left the workshop with a whole new perspective on faith and life.

The Society of Young Filipino Speakers was founded by the VoiceMaster to hone young people to become motivational speakers for their fellow youth.


Friday, September 30, 2016

Creativoices Productions Holds Voice Workshop for Sykes Asia Inc.

Sykes Asia’s Artist Anonymous, in partnership with Creativoices Productions, organized a voice workshop for the employees of Sykes on September 29, 2016 at the Sykes Asia office in Glorietta, Makati. Over 20 participants from nearby Sykes offices, trainers and agents, attended the workshop.the-voicemaster-inspires-call-center-agents-and-trainers-of-sykes-asia

After some introduction and opening remarks, the workshop began with a session on Voice Care, facilitated by Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma. She began with facts about how important the voice is especially in the BPO industry, and how voice problems could become a barrier to one’s performance in the job. Ada explained the process of voice production, and also had the participants go through a series of exercises to improve posture, relax the muscles and develop deep breathing. She ended the session with helpful voice care tips, and action planning so that the participants can apply what they have learned.


The voice care session was followed by a training on voice acting, by another one of Voiceworx’s graduate, Andrew Miravalles. In his one-hour training, Andrew walked the audience through a series of exercises to explore the elements of their voice and discover how to use them to create imaginative characters. The participants enjoyed the training as they performed individual and group exercises that enabled them to play with their voice.

The last speaker was Creativoices’ CEO and Managing Director, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. Pocholo inspired and motivated the participants to perform at their best and always strive for excellence in performing their work regardless of their role and position in the company. He also showcased his own voice acting prowess with a series of voices of famous cartoon characters, celebrities and even politicians.


Artist Anonymous is one of the duly-organized clubs in Sykes Asia, where creative enthusiasts get to meet like-minded individuals to express and develop their artistic side.


Monday, September 26, 2016

The VoiceMaster Holds Voice Acting Workshop in Saint Paul Manila

On September 26, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales led his team of trainers to conduct a voice acting workshop for Communication and Advertising students of St. Paul University, Manila. A dozen students gathered for a half-day of in-depth and fun-filled learning on the subject of voice acting.


The workshop started with Ada Cuaresma, Executive Director of Voice Care Philippines and a Voiceworx graduate. She gave a little introduction about the industry of voice acting, about the common misconceptions and the qualities needed to succeed as a voice artist. She then transitioned into a workshop about acting with the voice. Ada gave the students a series of activities to train the students to use facial expressions, gestures, and “human sound effects” like laughs and cries to make their voice acting more natural and believable.


After the last activity, Ada introduced the next speaker, Andrew Miravalles. Andrew is also a graduate of Pocholo’s voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting, Andrew discussed the different elements of the voice, and taught the participants how to mix-and-match the different elements of the voice such as pitch and tempo to create different characters. He also gave exercises and role-play activities for participants to practice exploring the range of their voice, and the characters they can create within their range.


Voice of the Youth member and radio anchor Kelvin Lomibao came up next, to discuss about character analysis and how to play with one’s voice for dubbing and animation. Kelvin amazed the audience with a lineup of character voices that he showcased – from famous broadcasters to cartoon characters to celebrities both dead and alive! Kelvin ended his session with a “fun dubbing” activity – where the class was divided into small groups that dubbed excerpts from some famous films and anime.


The workshop ended with words of inspiration from the VoiceMaster. He challenged the participants to take the opportunity to pursue their passion even as young people, and to always follow what their heart desires. He said that none of what they learned from the workshop matters if they don’t use it to make other people better and happy.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

The VoiceMaster Talks About Voice Acting in Hosting for UST’s Tourism and Hospitality Students

The College of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the University of Sto. Tomas held a Hosting Seminar at the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building. About 50 students from the college attended the event to learn about the various facets of becoming a great host for events.

The VoiceMaster Speaks at UST Hosting Seminar

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales spoke about the art of voice acting, and the power of the voice in events hosting. He started by sharing his experience as a voice artist, and how he expanded his skills and talents in voice by venturing into dubbing, radio drama, voiceovers and live events hosting. Of course, his story would not be complete without giving a “sample” of the character voices he has done.

Pocholo also inspired the students to aspire for greatness and excellence in their craft, regardless of which one they choose. He shared how he looks up to National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, who believed that the youth is the hope of the nation. But for Pocholo, he believes that now is the time for the youth to be the REALIZATION and not just the hope.

Microphone Club Members during the UST Hosting Seminar

The half-day hosting seminar featured 4 other speakers – JC Garcia, Vet Lauzon, Jennifer Rabe and Martin de Vera. All of them are members of the Microphone Club, an organization of professional microphone users (hosts, voice artists, broadcasters, public speakers, etc.) whose mission is to professionalize their craft through training and peer-to-peer mentoring. Microphone Club is also founded by the VoiceMaster.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pochology Academy Holds Voice Acting Workshop at the University of Rizal System

In celebration of National Arts Month, the University Center for Culture & the Arts in partnership with University Supreme Student Council of University of Rizal System conducted a Voice Acting seminar-workshop, held at the Blanco Family Academy in Angono, Rizal on February 26, 2016.

With the theme “Fostering Artistic Excellence through Dynamic Involvement and Contagious Expertise,” the event was designed to educate the students on the power of their voice in professional and personal relations, as well as to cultivate their artistry through the use of their most powerful human instrument.

URS Students having a blast listening to the VoiceMaster

As the country’s most recognized and respected voice artist, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to facilitated the whole-day workshop. He brought along with him 2 of his trainers and protégé’s from Pochology Academy – Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma and Voice Monster Andrew San Fernando.

After the opening ceremonies, not to mention a superb medley performance by an acapella group, the workshop opened with a motivational talk by the VoiceMaster. After entertaining the audience with his numerous character voices and a repertoire of “hugot lines,” the VoiceMaster inspired the students by sharing his story on how he used he has, for 20 years, used his talents and skills to make other people better and happy. He shared his stories of challenges, setbacks, obstacles and victories that made him who he is today, the “Man BEHIND a thousand voices”. He encouraged the students to not waste their youth or wait for the “right time” to discover and pursue their passion, because the right time is always NOW. He left a powerful message to “do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Ada and Andrew conducting Voice Acting workshop in URSAfter the VoiceMaster’s empowering talk, Ada stepped up onstage for a short but informative workshop about the voice. She talked about the importance of voice in everyday life, that it’s HOW WE SAY things that is important in building personal and professional relationships. She covered 2 important things about the voice. First is vocal power, where she used exercises to help participants produce their voice with more power, confidence and efficiency. The second thing is vocal variety, where, by learning to use the various elements of the voice, words spoken become more meaningful, engaging and memorable.

Andrew was the last speaker, who talked about voice acting. He taught the participants how to “play” with their voice – by exploring pitch, pitch character and tempo. He also taught them how to include human reactions in the context of voice acting, such as laughter, cry, trips and falls, and even eating and drinking sounds. Towards the end of the voice acting module, Andrew called some volunteers to do a “fun dub”. The volunteers performed a quick dub of an excerpt from the cartoons Voltes V.

At the end of the workshop, the VoiceMaster also announced that URS will be heading the establishment of Voice of the Youth Network in Rizal, where the students get the opportunity to become volunteers to VOTY’s radio shows.

Pochology Academy with URS Officials and Event Organizers

Hundreds of students attended the workshop from various URS campuses including Tanay, Angono, Cainta and Antipolo.


Friday, February 26, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires IT Students in the First Into IT Convention (In2ition)

While many people went on a holiday on February 25th, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales went on to do what he does best – inspire and motivate the youth. Pocholo was the last speaker on the first ever Into IT Convention, held at the Tanghalang Haribon of Insular Life Corporate Center in Alabang.

The VoiceMaster Inspiring Students in the Into IT Convention

Hundreds of IT students from various schools in the Muntinlupa and Las Pinas area gathered to listen to speakers invited to speak in line with the theme “Raising a new breed of responsible Filipino netizens.”

The last speaker – which turned out to be the highlight of the afternoon – was Pocholo’s talk entitled “The Future Me.” After a much-needed energizer for the participants, Pocholo started his talk by asking the participants to imagine that they are in year 2030, and to tell the person next to them who they are, what they’re doing and what they have achieved. The main purpose of this activity is to challenge the students’ minds to project and imagine their future so that they can create it. As the VoiceMaster always say, “Do something today your future self will thank you for.”

Pocholo shared his own story of how he has envisioned himself as the VoiceMaster way back when he was 16 years old, and was just auditioning to become a radio drama talent in DZMM. He also shared how he got started with dubbing and voice acting, and his realization that he wanted to do more outside of the recording studio, which got him into training and motivational speaking. Of course, his “voice artist story” would not be complete without mesmerizing the audience with his repertoire of character voices!

Patrick Gabriel Gonzales, DJ Denn and DJ Elaine Inspiring the YouthDuring the second half of his talk, Pocholo gave an opportunity for the youth to be inspired by the youth. He called onstage 2 of Voice of the Youth Networks’ members and broadcasters – DJ Denn and DJ Elaine – anchors of Generation Y&Z Radio in Radyo Inquirer. DJ Denn and DJ Elaine each shared how and why they got into joining the volunteer organization, and how their passions drives them to inspire and motivate their fellow youth.

Perhaps the highlight of the talk was when Pocholo called onstage his own son, Patrick Gabriel Gonzales. Patrick is the youngest broadcaster and motivational speaker in the country, at 10 years old. He opened his speech by doing the voice of Russell from Disneys “Up,” and then went on to share his motivational tips on how to be productive young people. Patrick amazed and captivated the audience with words of inspiration like “fail your way to success.”

Into IT Convention ended on a high energy with these inspiring young people, headed of course by the VoiceMaster.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires the Youth to Create the Future

The College of Tourism and Hospitallity Management of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas conducted a seminar entitled “Road to Building Personality Growth and Image Enhancement” on February 24, 2016 at the Orchard Golf and Country Club in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Hundreds of students from the said college filled the event venue to be inspired and motivated by the invited speakers.

The VoiceMaster Talks about the Future Me to Tourism and Hospitality Management Students of DLSU Dasmarinas

The last speaker of the event was Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, who talked about creating “The Future Me”. Inspired by the famous 80’s film “Back to the Future,” the VoiceMaster challenged the students to think as if this is the year 2030. “Tell the person next to you what you are now (year 2030) – your career, how successful you are, what you have achieved.” He motivated the students to push their minds to the limit, projecting and feeling being successful in their chosen path.

During his talk, Pocholo shared how he has envisioned himself as the “VoiceMaster” way back when he was 16 years old. He told of his journey as a voice artist, youth advocate, and motivational speaker, and how he has responded to his life’s calling to make other people better and happy by using his greatest weapon – the VOICE. Recognizing that one of the biggest challenges, especially of today’s youth, is discovering what they want in life, Pocholo gave them a simple, 5-question formula for discovering their life’s purpose. “It all starts with knowing what you can do, and ends with finding out how that can change the lives of others.”

The Future Me Talk by Pocholo The VoiceMaster Gonzales

At the end of his talk, Pocholo shared his favorite “Pochology” (words of wisdom of Pocholo Gonzales) – “The best ability is AVAILABILITY.” It’s his way of saying that your talent and skills will go a long way only if you seize the opportunities to use them.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creativoices Celebrates its 10th Year

It all started with a dream. A dream to produce voice ARTISTS and not voice TALENTS. A dream to promote voice acting as an ART and not as a JOB. A dream to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia.

The Young VoiceMasterIn 2005, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales would have reached the peak of his voice acting career. Nine years into the industry, he has already made a name for himself, having voiced literally thousands of projects – TV and radio commercials, dubbed telenovela and anime, AVP’s, audiobooks, video games – you name it, he’s voiced it. But for Pocholo, it was just the beginning.

His journey in the voice acting world was not a walk in the park. In fact, he’s met with several challenges, especially as someone who is starting out young as a voice artist. He experienced first-hand the politics and monopoly surrounding the industry, and was even told by the more tenured voice artists that he’s not good enough for the craft. For most people, that would have been the signal to fold up and give up on their dream, but for Pocholo, it became his fuel to do something bigger than what he would have been within the four corners of the recording booth.

Pocholo established his own voiceover services company, Creativoices Productions, in 2005. But more than just being another audio production house, Creativoices became the home of the first and premier voice acting school in the country, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. This school, more popularly known as “Voiceworx,” became a hub for aspiring voice artists to develop their voice acting skills, and get their foot in the door of voice acting.

Pocholo has revolutionized and professionalized the voice acting industry through Voiceworx. Not only did it provide opportunities for aspiring voice artists, but it also created an entire breed of voice artists who, like Pocholo, treats voice acting as an art instead of just another job, and also serve as an inspiration to other aspiring voice artists to realize their dream.

Pocholo’s voice acting school also became a venue for voice acting mentors to become part of this advocacy of bringing in new voices to the industry. Pocholo is joined by renowned dubbing directors and voiceover experts to teach this new generation of voice artists – Brian Ligsay, Alexx Agcaoili, Neil Tolentino and Danny Mandia.


Ten years and 33 batches later, Voiceworx has produced more than 1,000 graduates, and almost half of them are actively making their name in the industry – as dubbers, voiceover talents, events host, broadcasters, and even trainers. What’s also noteworthy is that Pocholo has sponsored around 300 students as his scholars to the workshop.

Through Creativoices, Pocholo also brought the Filipino voice acting talent to the international scene when he closed several projects with the famous video gaming company, Sega. Pocholo became the voice director for arcade games such as Harley Davidson King of the Road, Golden Gun, Operation Ghost and Transformers. Those games all used Filipino talents for the voices of the characters.

A decade of talents discovered. Of passions ignited. Of dreams fulfilled. Creativoices Productions has truly paved the way for the world to hear the power of the Filipino voice.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CREATIVOICES PRODUCTIONS accepts interns for second semester 2015!

Be part of the number one Philippine voiceover company online. Enhance your skills in audio and video editing, graphic design, website development, radio broadcasting, writing, and many more. Be connected to like-minded young people, and spark positive social change in the community.

Creativoices Interns

Get the chance to work closely with veteran voice artist, experienced radio broadcaster, internationally-awarded youth advocate and highly sought-after trainer and motivational speaker, Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales.

Here at Creativoices, you will not experience an office, but a HOME. You will not have a boss, but a MENTOR.

Send your CV's to and with the subject "FOR INTERNSHIP."

For inquiries, you may call us at 239-6468, or find us on Facebook, "Creativoices Productions."


Monday, September 14, 2015

Voice Care for Teachers Workshop in San Jose del Monte Bulacan

On September 13, over 50 public school teachers attended the Voice Care for Teachers workshop held at the Grotto Vista Resort in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.


The whole-day workshop began with Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales giving a motivational talk. He shared his experience not only on how he became one of the best voice artists in the country, but how he has utilized his frustrations, disappointments, and experiences in building advocacies that help other people find and express their own voices.

The VoiceMaster also talked about the Generation Z, the generation of young people dominating the modern-day classroom. He discussed their mindset, lifestyle and behavior to give the teachers a better understanding of the students they are teaching. He shared tips on how to best engage these young people in class so that their learning becomes fun, relevant and meaningful.

In the afternoon, Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director Ada Cuaresma took over the workshop and to teach the participants about voice care. Her module started with the importance of the voice in the teaching profession, the different factors that make teachers prone to voice problems. She also discussed the process of how voice is produced, and led the participants through a series of exercises for the voice.


The workshop ended with tips on how to take care of the voice, and the teachers coming up with action plans to implement their learning from the workshop.


The VoiceMaster Teaches Voice Acting for

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales facilitated the “Voice Acting 101” workshop organized by – the country’s leading online hub for freelancers. The workshop was held on September 11, 2015 at The One School in Makati.

VoiceMaster in Voice Acting 101

The VoiceMaster opened the workshop with an introduction, where the students get to know each other’s names and motivation for attending the workshop. He then shared his bittersweet journey in the voice acting industry, which started in 1996 – from the competition he won, to the veterans in the field who mocked and turned him down, to the creation of his own company and voice acting school.

The VoiceMaster also gave tidbits of inspiration and motivation to the participants to help them kickstart their voice acting careers. His motivational talk was followed with a series of voice acting exercise that enabled the participants to explore their vocal range. Each student was also given the chance to do voice acting using a script they have created.

VoiceMaster teaches voice acting in workshop

The 3-hour session was entertaining yet meaningful for the aspiring voice artists who attended the workshop.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

The VoiceMaster Conducts a Voice Acting Workshop in St. Paul University Manila

The VoiceMaster Teaching Voice Acting in St Paul University Manila

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has inspired and motivated the 3rd year Mass Communication students of St. Paul University, Manila in a half-day voice acting workshop on August 15, 2015.

The VoiceMaster shared to the audience his journey in the voice acting world. He talked about the mentors, the friends, the partners he has worked with in the field of voiceovers, dubbing and radio broadcasting. He also shared about the challenges he met along the way – the frustrations, the harsh realities, the rejections – that became his driving force to create his voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. The VoiceMaster also talked about Voice of the Youth Network, and how this organization that he founded has given Mass Communication students the venue to experience real-life radio broadcasting even while they were still in school. Of course, the talk would not be complete without the audience hearing the many character voices of the one and only VoiceMaster!

The VoiceMaster with St Paul 3rd Communication Students

Pocholo’s talk was followed by the more technical part of the workshop. Two of Pocholo’s protégé’s – Ada Cuaresma and Andrew San Fernando – conducted the voice acting workshop. Also known as the “Voice Care Queen,” Ada talked about the science of producing voice. She taught the students proper techniques along the process of producing voice, like proper breathing and posture. Andrew, also known as the “VoiceMonster,” inspired the students with his accomplishments as a voice artist – from dubbing to hosting to doing voiceover work for one of the most popular reality shows on TV today. He also taught the students techiques on how to “play” with the voice using various exercises to explore one’s pitch and tone of voice.

Andrew and Ada with St Paul 3rd Year Communication Students

The voice acting workshop was organized by the Integrated Student Media Society, an academic organization of Paulinian Mass Communication students.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Voiceworx Successfully Kicks Off Batch 33

By: Dorothy Aireen Lipit

Creativoices Productions once again welcomed aspiring voice artists as Voiceworx –Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop – started batch 33 on July 4, 2015. Over 20 students in the morning and afternoon classes combined attended the first session, which was conducted by no less than Creativoices’ CEO and Managing Director, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

Sir Choy – as the VoiceMaster is fondly called – kicked off the class with a unique getting-to-know-you game, so that the class gets to know each other while breaking the ice. It was then followed by an inspirational talk where Sir Choy shared his journey to becoming the VoiceMaster of the Philippines. The class ended with each student writing a script and getting their first shot at audio recording!


Get to know some of the students from Voiceworx Batch 33:

Ruby Garcia from Paranaque learned that as a future voice artist, she must be confident even in writing scripts. She learned from Sir Choy that the first person to perform the script is the writer himself.

Kat Garcia, 27 years old, currently an online tutor of Japanese students, boldly shared that we should develop our voice for it to become more animated. She aims to become a “world-class voice artist” someday. She also added that we must enjoy ourselves and what we are doing because if not, we will give up on them eventually.

For Kenneth Pilin, who is still figuring out what he wants to do in life, the workshop reminded him to trust his own self and skills more. “I need to believe in myself.” Kenneth truly wishes to become a voice artist—a great and confident one; a voice behind a character for his own. He emphasized that voice acting is the very first thing he ever chose for himself.

Like most of the attendees of the workshop, Ruffa Valero, an English and academic tutor and volunteer Sunday School teacher from Marikina City, told us that being one of the sought-after voice artists in the Philippines was her childhood dream. The potential she sees in her voice was her primary motivation in joining Voiceworx. As long as she learns and loves what she is doing, she does not mind the distance of the seminar venue from home.

The students of Batch 33 are truly excited for the next sessions of Voiceworx. United by one goal, they are anticipating that they will eventually learn the proper techniques, skills, and proper attitude in becoming successful in the craft someday.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Creativoices Productions Recognized as Adamson University's Industry Partner

On March 16, 2015, Adamson University held its Industry Partners’ Appreciation Day at The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, Manila. The event aims to strengthen the collaboration of the university with companies that have made significant contribution in the effective attainment of the University’s Academic Research, Internship and Job Placement, Extension Services and Scholarship Programs.

 Creativoices Productions is one of the companies which was recognized by Adamson as an industry partner. Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, CEO and Managing Director, received the award and token of appreciation.


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