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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The VoiceMaster Talks about Guerrilla Marketing at “I am the BRAND”

I am the Brand Personality Development Seminar

Despite heavy rains and suspended classes, more than 500 marketing students managed to fill the gymnasium of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Taguig for the “I am the Brand” Seminar on October 2, 2015.

The half-day event featured 3 speakers who spoke about personal branding and marketing – SEO Kid Venchito Tampon of Sharp Rocket, the VoiceMaster of the Philippines Pocholo Gonzales of Creativoices Productions and Voice of the Youth Network, and Chief Awesome Officer Al Ian Barcelona of AIB Training.

As the second speaker, Pocholo wowed the audience as soon as he came onstage with his high-energy icebreaker. He then introduced himself and shared his story on how he became the VoiceMaster – his struggles and how he pushed on with the belief in his own dreams and visions. He briefly introduced his voice acting career and showcased his talents with the various voices he can create and imitate.

Above all, the VoiceMaster inspired and motivated the crowd of young people by encouraging them to bring out the greatness within. He encouraged the audience to believe in their own capacity, to keep dreaming big dreams despite what other people might say. He also talked about Voice of the Youth Network, what the organization does, and how it can be a venue where the youth can discover their passion and actually live it.

After the VoiceMaster’s talk, the audience was filled with enthusiasm and motivation to pursue their dreams and be an inspiration to their fellow youth.

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