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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Pochologist Talks about Marketing for the Global Citizen at PJMA’s Juan Big Idea in Isabela

On August 20, the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) conducted the first installment of Juan Big Idea, its annual marketing convention which serves as the organization’s platform to reach marketing students all over the country. With this year’s theme “Ang Paglipad ng Marketistang Pilipino,” the Luzon edition was held at the F.L. Dy Coliseum in Cauayan, Isabela, and was attended by over 1,000 students from all over the region. The event featured talks centered around the theme of marketing, including Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Juan Big Idea in Isabela

Pocholo’s talk was about “Marketing for the Global Citizen,” where he shared his journey about starting as a freelance voice artist to becoming the most recognized Filipino voice artist even in the international scene. He talked about his childhood dream of hearing his voice on the radio greeting his mother, and how it led to his vision of making the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia. Pocholo also talked about his company and his voice acting school, and even amazed the audience with an ensemble of voice characters.

Filipino motivational speaker talks about marketing for the global citizen

Pocholo then transitioned his talk on marketing, and how one can establish his/her brand to compete on a global scale. He touched on a bit about global brands such as Google, Facebook and even 7-11, and how these brands have gained top-of-mind awareness despite not having extensive ad campaigns. Pocholo said that being a global brand – be it a person or a company – all boils down to the experience that they provide, in order to give people something to talk about.

Pocholo’s talk did not only focus on the technical aspect of marketing. He also inspired the students by challenging them to discover their purpose, and to do things with passion and commitment. He shared to them how his success as the VoiceMaster was not purely about what he has done with his skill, but more importantly his passion and zeal to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia. He also shared the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur and marketer.

Filipino motivational speakers with Juan Big Idea organizers

The Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) is the official youth affiliate of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) and is the national alliance amongst the local Junior Marketing Association (JMA) organizations from different colleges and universities across the country.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding for Personality Development

Over 300 students filled the Teatro Genuino of Trace College in Los Banos, Laguna for the Personality Development Seminar. This whole-day seminar is part of the school’s Job Readiness program, and it is aimed towards teaching the students skills to prepare them for their professional career.

The VoiceMaster Inspires Trace College students in their Personality Development Seminar

The afternoon session was all about Personal Branding. As one of the best speakers on Personal Branding, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales graced the event with a motivational and inspirational talk on how to achieve greatness, excellence and success. He told the story of how he started his career as a voice artist and how he worked his way up to be later on recognized as the VoiceMaster of the Philippines – from his antics as a little boy in imitating the characters of his favorite radio drama, to his simple dream of hearing his voice on radio greeting his mother, to becoming a voice artist and a voice director while studying college, to opening up his voiceover company and voice acting school. He inspired the audience to lead their dreams by setting an example of a young person who went for the opportunities that came to him.

Voice Care Queen talks about Personal Branding in Trace College Personality Development Seminar

Towards the second half of the talk, the VoiceMaster shared the stage with one of his protégés, Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma. Ada talked about the importance of branding and how an individual can use the principle to develop his professional and personal life. She equated personal branding to finding one’s purpose in life, and how their purpose and brand equates to the legacy they would like to leave on earth. She also shared how grateful she is of being able to discover and live her life purpose with the help of her mentor, the VoiceMaster.

A combination of wit, an ensemble of character voices, a barage of hugot lines… and of course, a cup full of inspiration, motivation and empowerment for the youth. That’s what the VoiceMaster brought to Trace College’s Personality Development Seminar.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The VoiceMaster Shares His Passion for the Voice at the KLM Central Expo

The KLM Central Expo was held on June 24-26, 2016 at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City. Organized by the Kingdom Living Ministry (KLM) together with AIB Training, the expo featured a trade and job fair with over 50 exhibit booths for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The VoiceMaster inspiring the participants of KLM Expo 2016

The highlight of the event is the series of onstage talks from some of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the country, speaking about various topics on marketing, entrepreneurship, personal branding and sales.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was one of the speakers on the third day. It was a not-the-usual-type of talk for the VoiceMaster as he shared the stage with AIB Founder Al Ian Barcelona, who gave an introduction about the VoiceMaster. Pocholo talked about his humble beginnings as a voice artist, and how he discovered his passion not only for voice acting, but also for inspiring and motivating other people. He also shared his experience as a youth advocate, reminiscing his younger days with Ian when they were starting to carry out their passion through motivational speaking. The VoiceMaster left the audience in awe as he started doing his voice impressions of cartoon characters and famous personalities.

Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma talks about voice and passion

Pocholo then called onstage Voice Care Philippines Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma, who shared what they do in the organization. She shared her own story on how she discovered her passion for helping other people through the use of her voice in what they do. Ada discussed Pocholo’s program and book “Voice Care for Teachers,” and the importance of voice in fulfilling one’s passion and vocation.

Patrick Gabriel Gonzales Youngest Motivational Speaker in the Philippines

Shortly after, the country’s youngest motivational speaker – Patrick Gabriel Gonzales – came onstage to do a short inspirational speech. As the son of the VoiceMaster, Patrick shared his own experience in voice acting, broadcasting and motivational speaking. Like father like son, he did a quick sample of his voice impression of Russell from Disney’s “Up.”

AIB Training has been in the business of training, teambuilding and event management for 10 years.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

The VoiceMaster Teaches Human Superpowers in ‘One Right Direction’

One hundred young adults – students and young professionals – filled the roofdeck of Prestige Tower Condominium in Ortigas on February 13, 2016 for the 3rd year of “One Right Direction”. This event aims to educate people who would like to build and explore various income sources, specifically on investing their money in the stock market.

Three motivational speakers were featured in the event to share their expertise not only in business, but also on personal development. The first speaker was trainer, author and sales coach Veni Flores of Money Masters Club. Veni shared the process of achieving goals in a simple and easy-to-understand roadmap. He also inspired the audience to act because, he said, that acting upon one’s desire is the first step to getting to their destination.

The VoiceMaster Speaks about the 10 Great Powers to Become a Real-Life Superhero

The second speaker was Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – CEO of Creativoices Productions, and founder of Pochology Academy. Pocholo shared what he calls the “10 Great Powers” that would help anyone achieve their dreams. He began his talk by sharing his own personal journey as an entrepreneur, and how his love and talent for the voice made him who he is today. The 10 great powers he shared included self-confidence, purpose, and extraordinary performance. To the VoiceMaster, it all boils down to how a person builds his SELF-WORTH, instead of his NET WORTH, that would determine his success in life.

Last but not the least is Pesos and Sense founder Aya Laraya, who gave an informative talk about the stock market, and what aspiring investors need to know. He emphasized the need to seek professional advice when it comes to financial investments instead of simply reading articles online that may not even apply to their locale or level. Aya also gave a simplified explanation on the benefit of purchasing stocks, and how to wisely choose which companies to invest in.

Before the closing and final photo op, the country’s youngest motivational speaker – 10-year-old Patrick Gabriel Gonzales (son of the VoiceMaster) – amazed the audience by sharing his own insights on investing. In a short and sweet talk, Patrick motivated the audience by encouraging them to believe in themselves, that they have greatness within them and that they all have the power to succeed.

One Right Direction Speakers

Truly, an inspiring and empowering event that moves aspiring investors and entrepreneurs towards the ONE RIGHT DIRECTION.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pochology Academy Caps Off National Teachers College’s Business Week

The College of Accountancy and Business of the National Teachers College celebrated its Business Week on February 17-22, 2016. With the theme “Glocally Competitive Beyond Borders,” the last 3 days of the celebration featured seminars with speakers and motivational speakers speaking about topics aligned with the theme.

Pochology Academy's Pocholo Gonzales and Ada Cuaresma

Pochology Academy was invited to speak on the last day of the Business Week. Pochology Academy founder, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, inspired and motivated the 300+ students in attendance with his talk entitled “Passion-Driven Work.” He started his talk by introducing what he does especially with his voice, and how he has used it to inspire other people to do what they love and love what they do. He also talked about his hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, whom he looks up to in terms of motivating and empowering the youth. Of course, the audience found themselves entertained with the VoiceMaster’s quirks, jokes and a whole ensemble of character voices. Above all, he drove the point home regarding what it means to be successful in life. “Most people think that being successful is all about being rich or famous. But for me, success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. Simply put, as long as you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and where you are going… you are already a success.”

After the VoiceMaster’s empowering talk, Ada Cuaresma came up onstage to do a mini-workshop with the participants regarding professionalism in the workplace. Ada started her talk by defining professionalism, and how it’s a set of characteristics that make up a quality worker, and not just about physical image or first impression. She focused her talk on the main skill that needs to be developed by any professional – COMMUNICATION. The participants did a couple of exercises on communication.

The VoiceMaster and the Voice Care Queen with NTC CAB Faculty

The event closed off with an open forum, where the VoiceMaster not only addressed the questions of the participants, but also gave an opportunity to some aspiring broadcasters in the audience by giving them a scholarship to his upcoming Broadcasting Workshop.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

The VoiceMaster Teaches Bloggers about Personal Branding

Following the success of the first networking event in February, Pinoy Blogger held its 2nd meetup event, which also served as their Christmas party, on December 2, 2015 at the Asgard Suite, Victoria Court in Malate. About 30 bloggers attended the event where they enjoyed networking with their fellow bloggers, a sumptuous dinner and great raffle prizes.

Speakers of the 2nd Pinoy Blogger Meetup

The bloggers were also treated to a night of learning as 4 prominent personalities in the blogosphere shared their blogging expertise and advice: Digital Marketing Guru Janette Toral, famous Filipino tour guide and cultural activist Carlos Celdran, veteran voice artist and motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, and historian and TV personality Xiao Chua.

As the first speaker, Janette came upfront to discuss the life cycle of a blogger, and the stages of being a digital influencer. She talked about how a blogger can become an “agitator” all the way up to being a “celebrity,” which means the blogger has a strong, loyal following.

Up next was Carlos Celdran, who made an informal presentation in a Q&A format. The bloggers were given the opportunity to ask Carlos about his thoughts on certain socio-political issues. He also shared his good and bad experiences in social media, and ended his talk with the encouraging challenge to meet and communicate with people on a more personal level, both online and offline.

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding to Bloggers

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales talked about personal branding. He shared his expert advice on how a blogger can find his or her “keyword” in life, so that they can brand themselves in their own blog criteria. He also talked about how blogging can be used not only for personal gain or monetary rewards, but also to push for advocacies and express passion through writing.

Last but not the least was historian and TV personality Xiao Chua, who shared his own experience in blogging and teaching history. He talked about how his interest has started, and shared some tidbits about the Philippine history that are not widely known.

The evening was capped off with a hearty dinner of Filipino cuisine, and a raffle of amazing prizes.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pochology Academy Teaches Personal Branding in San Pedro College of Business Administration

Over 300 Junior and Senior students of San Pedro College of Business Administration in San Pedro, Laguna gathered at the Elmer A. Ching Hall for an afternoon filled with fun and learning on the subject of personal branding. The event, “Soar High, JBEA!” was organized by SPCBA’s Junior Business Executives Association for Marketing and HR students with the theme “Establishing your Personal Brand.”

Ada Cuaresma on Soar High JBEA Seminar

Three speakers were invited to each share their knowledge and expertise on personal branding. After some opening remarks and a song number from one of the students, the seminar began with Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma. Ada shared her inspiring story on how she went from living a so-called normal life, to living her passion of training and motivational speaking. She also set an example of personal branding by talking about Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, and how he established his VoiceMaster brand not only because of his voice acting expertise, but because of the people he inspired and empowered with his voice, through training, radio broadcasting, and motivational speaking.

Venchito Tampon Speaks at JBEA Seminar

Up next is Sharp Rocket’s Co-founder and CEO, Venchito Tampon. As a young entrepreneur at the age of 22, Venchito has a lot of experience and learning when it comes to establishing a brand, for both himself and his company. Not only did he entertain the audience with his funny jokes and stories, but he also motivated them to find their passion and build their personal brand around it.

Both Ada and Venchito are member speakers of Pochology Academy – Pocholo’s team of trainers and motivational speakers that are dedicated to inspiring people towards greatness, excellence and success.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

JAMS Past Forward: Celebrating the Timeless Saga of Marketing

On October 2, 2015, the Junior Achievement Marketing Society (JAMS) held its General Assembly with the event entitled “Past Forward: Celebrating the Timeless Saga of Marketing.” The event gathered hundreds of JAMS members from various schools all over the Philippines to learn about the latest trends that lead to marketing success. The half-day event was held at the FNRI Auditorium of the Department of Science and Technology in Taguig City.

JAMS Past Forward

The event featured 2 speakers, both proteges of Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. The first speaker was Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma, who talked about Personal Branding. Ada started by energizing the crowd with an ice-breaker, then went on to share her story on how she found her purpose in life through broadcasting and motivational speaking. Ada gave tips on how one can establish their personal brand, and how branding one’s self is linked to being able to respond to life’s calling.

The second speaker was Sharp Rocket’s Founder, Venchito Tampon. Venchito also shared his experience in life and in business as a young entrepreneur, and also imparted the lessons he learned along the way. He talked about social media ethics, and gave insights to the audience on how social media can be used to their personal and professional advancement.

Overall, Past Forward turned out to be a huge success for JAMS.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

The VoiceMaster Talks about Guerrilla Marketing at “I am the BRAND”

I am the Brand Personality Development Seminar

Despite heavy rains and suspended classes, more than 500 marketing students managed to fill the gymnasium of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Taguig for the “I am the Brand” Seminar on October 2, 2015.

The half-day event featured 3 speakers who spoke about personal branding and marketing – SEO Kid Venchito Tampon of Sharp Rocket, the VoiceMaster of the Philippines Pocholo Gonzales of Creativoices Productions and Voice of the Youth Network, and Chief Awesome Officer Al Ian Barcelona of AIB Training.

As the second speaker, Pocholo wowed the audience as soon as he came onstage with his high-energy icebreaker. He then introduced himself and shared his story on how he became the VoiceMaster – his struggles and how he pushed on with the belief in his own dreams and visions. He briefly introduced his voice acting career and showcased his talents with the various voices he can create and imitate.

Above all, the VoiceMaster inspired and motivated the crowd of young people by encouraging them to bring out the greatness within. He encouraged the audience to believe in their own capacity, to keep dreaming big dreams despite what other people might say. He also talked about Voice of the Youth Network, what the organization does, and how it can be a venue where the youth can discover their passion and actually live it.

After the VoiceMaster’s talk, the audience was filled with enthusiasm and motivation to pursue their dreams and be an inspiration to their fellow youth.


Monday, August 31, 2015

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding to LPU Marketing Students

About a hundred marketing students from Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila were inspired, motivated and empowered as Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales spoke at LPU Management Society’s “Beginner’s Guide” event on August 29, 2015.The VoiceMaster Speaks at LPU Mansoc Beginners Guide

The VoiceMaster has captivated the hearts of his audience as he started his talk with sharing how he started fulfilling his dreams at a young age, while he was still a student. He also entertained the audience with his voice acting skills, imitating voices of cartoon characters and famous personalities. He also gave a sample of the commercials and anime characters that he voiced in the past.

The VoiceMaster Talks about Student Personal Branding

But more than the entertainment factor, the VoiceMaster enlightened the students with his tips on personal branding, and how they can apply this principle to be better in their personal and professional life. He also motivated the students to believe in themselves in fulfilling their dream despite other people telling them otherwise. His advice: “Do not waste an opportunity to be an inspiration to your fellow youth.”


Monday, August 24, 2015

The VoiceMaster as Panelist on Asia Pacific Leaders Forum “Blogging 101”

Panelists of Blogging 101 in Treetop Adventure Subic Bay

On August 23, the VoiceMaster joined public relations experts Cherry Burwell and Jeoff Solas as panelist in the “Asia Leaders Forum: Social Media Marketing”. The panel discussed the importance of social media and blogging in the business world today. Topics such as personal branding, maintaining online and offline relationships, and social media responsibility were discussed at a great length in a meaningful exchange of ideas between the panelist and the audience.

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Asia Pacific Leaders Forum

The VoiceMaster shared his experience on how he has, over the years, been able to establish his brand through the use of social media. He also shared how the internet has helped him grow his voiceover business online, and how bringing his business to the web enabled him to create a network of international client and talent base.

Asia Pacific Leaders Forum is a conference series that features influential speakers to talk about different topics, all with the goal pursuing excellence for individuals and organizations. The forum is organized by TAG Media and Public Relations, founded by husband-and-wife tandem Troy and Grace Nicolas.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding to Students of ABE International College

Youth Entrepreneurship

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales spoke to the Marketing students of ABE International College in Caloocan City on March 19, 2015. In the seminar “Youth Entrepreneurship,” the VoiceMaster talked about the importance of personal branding in pursuing one’s professional life.

 During his talk, the VoiceMaster talked about his personal life, how he started young in his career as a voice artist, and was therefore considered a veteran in his craft despite a young age. He also shared his talent by showcasing the characters and commercials he has voiced before.


Friday, March 6, 2015

5th Annual HR Students Convention

 HR Summit

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has done it again, and this time, he inspired and motivated a thousand students in the 5th Annual HR Students Convention held on March 5, 2015 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

The VoiceMaster started his talk by telling his life story, and showing his accomplishments as a voice artist. The audience was widely entertained after hearing the VoiceMaster’s different voices from commercials and different cartoon characters. He even performed a live radio drama with 5 characters which he all voices, including sound effects!

 He then talked the art of personal branding, and shared his own experiences and techniques on how he successfully branded himself as the “VoiceMaster of the Philippines”. He ended his talk with inspirational words to the audience, “Never miss an opportunity to be an inspiration to others.”


Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Filipino Speaker at the Athomic Congress 2015

 Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has yet again entertained, inspired and empowered hundreds of students in the University of Santo Tomas on January 24, 2015.

 In the Athomic Congress 2015, The VoiceMaster shared his expertise in Personal Branding – what it is and how to apply it as a young member of the society. He shared his own experiences in building his own brand as the VoiceMaster of the Philippines, and showcased his talents by doing a live radio drama and the voices of the commercials and cartoon characters he has done as a voice artist.


Monday, November 24, 2014

ComGuild's 6th Annual Conference of IT and Computer Science Students of the Philippines

More than 700 students filled the Henry-Lee Irwin Theater of the Ateneo de Manila University for the 6th Annual Conference of Information Technology and Computer Science Students of the Philippines on November 23, 2014. With the theme “Technology: A Tool for Social Development," VoiceMaster of the Philippines Pocholo Gonzales spoke to the participants about the importance of voice in Information and Communications Technology or ICT.

 Having been a voice artist, broadcaster and motivational speaker for 20 years, Pocholo gave a perspective of the now and then of voice overs. He shared his experiences in dubbing and voicing for anime, video games, audiobooks and radio drama, and how these different forms of communication evolve together with the development of technology and the internet. Furthermore, he also inspired and motivated the audience with “Pochology 101” – his words of wisdom on life and the world.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

The VoiceMaster teaches branding passion at LPU Batangas

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales once again rocked a school as he talked about branding passions last July 27.

During the talk, he was able to inspire the students from the Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas.


No wonder, lots of students were so grateful and amazed by the motivational skills of the VoiceMaster as well as his knowledge.


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