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Monday, May 23, 2016

The VoiceMaster Empowers Aspiring Coaches in Negosyo University’s Coaching Business Secrets Seminar

About 200 participants gathered at the Development Academy of the Philippines in Ortigas for a whole day of fun and learning on how to get started on their coaching business, in Negosyo University’s “Coaching Business Secrets” Seminar.

The VoiceMaster Inspires Aspiring Coaches in Negosyo University Coaching Business Seminar

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to speak about personal branding and the importance of voice. Despite his hoarse voice, Pocholo still managed to inspire the audience as he shared the story on how he became successful in his chosen field – the voice. Even though he was not able to do any of his infamous character voices on stage, he left the audience in awe and mesmerized with what he has accomplished in the industry, especially being able to mentor and produce a new generation of voice artists through his school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting.

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding to Aspiring Coaches

Pocholo also inspired the audience with his principles regarding life, success, motivation, having a vision and being a mentor. According to him, the greatest people in this world are not those who have accomplished anything on their own, but rather those who have succeeded in bringing others towards success. He then emphasized the importance of being a coach and a mentor, and encouraged everyone to identify their niche as they get started with their coaching business.

Voice Care Queen Ada Cuaresma on personal branding

Towards the end of his talk, Pocholo shared the stage with one of his students-turned-business-partner, Ada Cuaresma. Ada is the Executive Director of Voice Care Philippines, and is also known as the “Voice Care Queen.” Ada discussed what personal branding is, and how important it is to people who aspire to start their coaching business. She also shared the concept of “vocal image,” and the need to make sure that how a person sounds is aligned to the image they want to project. She ended her talk by sharing how they help improve people’s vocal image through Pocholo’s Voice Coaching business.

Negosyo University was founded by Jon Orana, and they provide seminars and workshops for people who aspire to escape the 8-5 rat race and pursue their own businesses.

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