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Friday, February 12, 2016

Pochology Academy Holds Speech Training for PUP’s Mr. and Ms. Marketing World 2016

On February 11, 15 finalists of PUP’s Mr. and Miss Marketing World 2016 went to the Creativoices studio in Makati to go through a speech training offered by Pochology Academy and Microphone Club. The speech training aims to develop the communication skills of the contestants by improving their voice, stage presence, and their self-confidence.

Voice Training

Two of Pochology Academy trainers facilitated the half-day workshop: Ada Cuaresma and JC Garcia. The workshop started with an introduction and setting of expectations with the participants. Ada then facilitated the training on voice, teaching the finalists how to properly use their body in order for their voice to come out with ease yet with power. She led them through a series of exercises on posture and breathing – which would help the contestants not only for their voice use, but also for their presence onstage during the pageant. There was also a vocal workout that the participants learned that they can use to also relax their body and voice prior to the contest.

After the voice training, JC gave a motivational talk to increase their self-confidence and help them combat their stage fright. He gave them exercises on self-affirmation, and also gave tips on how to stand and project themselves on stage.

The highlight of the workshop was when each participant did a practice run of a pageant’s Q&A portion. It was then that they were given tips on how to properly hold the microphone, how to connect with the audience while answering their question, and the formula for explaining their answers.

Pochology Academy Speech Training for Mr and Ms Marketing World 2016

Mr. and Ms. Marketing World 2016 Coronation Night will happen on February 19, at the PUP Main Campus Freedom Plaza.

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