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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Voice Care Philippines Conducts Public Speaking and Voice Care Workshop for Future Teachers

The Speech and Theater Arts Guild in Education (STAGE) of the Philippine Normal University organized a lecture series called “PASSCODE: 3P – Pagsasalita. Pagkukuwento. Panonood.” The series aims to educate the students how performing arts skills such as speaking and storytelling can be used in the classroom.

Ada Cuaresma teaches Public Speaking in Passcode Pagsasalita

On November 14, the first leg of the series, Pagsasalita, was held at the MB Auditorium. Around 50 students attended as the trainers of Voice Care Philippines taught about the importance of voice in teaching. In the morning, Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma, delivered a talk entitled “Pagsasalita: Public Speaking 101,” where she shared her knowledge about effective public speaking. Ada started her talk with a dose of motivation, by sharing her journey as a motivational speaker and how she fulfilled her dream of becoming one. She then discussed the common fears in public speaking, as well as how to use the pitch, volume and tempo to create a more impactful presentation.

Voice Care for Teachers Workshop in PNU

In the afternoon, the participants were treated to a mini-Voice Care for Teachers workshop, with Ada back on stage. She talked about the importance of voice, and the factors that make teachers prone to voice problems. Ada then walked the participants through exercises to correct posture and practice deep breathing. She ended her talk with useful tips on how to take good care of the voice.

After Ada, it was Andrew San Fernando’s turn to conduct his module, “Voice Acting for Effective Teaching.” Andrew started his talk by sharing his experience as a voice artist, and even showcasing his talent in imitating voices of some famous characters and personalities. He then taught the voice acting workshop proper, where he gave the students warm up exercises to explore pitch range, resonators and many more. He also explained how creating characters can help in teaching effectively in the classroom.

The “Pagsasalita” leg of the lecture series is, indeed, a success.

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