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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The VoiceMaster’s Homecoming: Voice Care for Teachers in Mariveles, Bataan

For the first time in his 15 years as a motivational speaker and trainer, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales comes back to his hometown in Mariveles, Bataan, to inspire and motivate his fellow Bataenos!

The VoiceMaster on Understanding the Generation Z

On November 13, 2015, hundreds of elementary teachers gathered in the covered court of Alasasin Elementary School as Pocholo and his team conducted a whole-day Voice Care for Teachers workshop. The program started with some opening remarks and introduction from one of Pocholo’s good friends in high school – now school principal – Elda Afable. She recounted her memories of the VoiceMaster back when they were students, and expressed her excitement to witness him become Bataan’s pride with all that he has accomplished. The VoiceMaster’s own father, Luis Gonzales, also took the stage to share his own introduction and remarks about his son.

After the opening ceremonies, Pocholo took the stage and delivered a motivational seminar entitled “Understanding the Generation Z.” He shared his knowledge and expertise in dealing with the youth, and inspired the teachers to be open and embracing of the new generation’s mindset and their need to be taught differently in the classroom. Pocholo also inspired the teachers to become an inspiration to their students, not by bombarding them with information, but by providing guidance and motivating their students to cultivate their talents and pursue their dreams.

Posture Exercise

Right after the VoiceMaster’s motivating and memorable talk, it was Voice Care Philippines’s Executive Director Ada Cuaresma’s turn to deliver the Voice Care for Teachers workshop. She started her talk with an activity to remind teachers to come up with creative ways to approach classroom teaching. She then went on to discuss the science of voice, and taught the participants exercises to correct posture and observe proper breathing. She ended her talk with helpful tips on how to take care of the voice.

Voice Care Philippines Training Tea

Last but not the least, Andrew San Fernando did a talk on “Voice Acting for Effective Teaching.” He taught the basic elements of voice that teachers can utilize to make their teaching more engaging in the classroom. He also gave exercises where teachers got the chance to “play” with their voice and create fun characters.

Gonzales Family Witnessing the VoiceMaster's Talk

The whole-day event ended with impactful and inspirational words from the VoiceMaster. He expressed how happy and grateful he was to be given the opportunity not only to speak in his hometown, but more importantly, to be witnessed by his parents as a motivational speaker for the first time. The VoiceMaster also left the teachers with a challenge to become a pride of Mariveles, by using their teaching vocation to inspire and bring out the greatness in the young people of the country.

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