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Monday, September 7, 2015

The VoiceMaster Shares 21st Century Parenting Tips in the Baby and Family Expo 2015

The VoiceMaster is an expert when it comes to voice and communication, but not just for personal or professional development. That’s why in the Baby and Family Expo held last September 5 at the Megatrade Hall, the VoiceMaster shared his knowledge on how to communicate – as a parent.

The VoiceMaster gives parenting tips in Baby and Family Expo 2015

In his talk “What the Kids Want and Need,” Pocholo shared tips on how to raise happy, confident and kind children in the 21st century. It is no longer a secret that technology has birthed a whole new breed of children whose mindset, lifestyle and behaviors are very different from their parents’ time. That said, parents of today are faced with the challenge of being the last generation of low-tech parents to raise the first generation of high-tech sons and daughters. The VoiceMaster emphasized on communication as the primary tool to keep a healthy relationship between parents and their children. Instead of attempting to control them and keep them away from social media or the internet, understand what they are doing and guide them in using it for their good.

Patrick Gabriel Gonzales gives parenting tips from a kids point of view

For the second half of his talk, the VoiceMaster called onstage his very own son, Patrick Gabriel, to share his insights on how parents can raise happier kids. In his talk entitled, “Dear Parents, Love, Your Kids,” Patrick gave 5 parenting tips from a kid’s point of view. He also showed how much he has been following the footsteps of his dad by giving a sample of his own voice acting talent.

In the end, the audience were amazed and captivated by the father-and-son tandem they have witnessed onstage.

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