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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Job Seekers at the 2016 Manila Bulletin Job Fair

Almost 1,000 job seekers flocked to the Skydome at SM North Edsa for Manila Bulletin’s 2-day job fair. More than a dozen companies, mostly BPO’s, participated to give applicants an easy-access to apply for a position in their company.

The VoiceMaster inspires job seekers at Manila Bulletin Job Fair 2016

More than just a job fair, the job seekers were entertained through exciting games and raffles with prizes from Manila Bulletin. The participants were also energized with motivational talks from renowned speakers of AIB Training, headed by Mr. Al Ian Barcelona.

On August 23, the first day of the job fair, the job seekers were inspired by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales through his talk entitled “8 to be GREAT”. He started by sharing his journey as a voice artist, a youth advocate and also a motivational speaker. He also entertained the audience with his hugot lines and voice acting skills.

The VoiceMaster transitioned into his main topic by sharing his principles about success and passion-driven work. He advised the job seekers to look beyond making money as the motivation for choosing which job to apply for. According to him, you should have a vision of what you would become in your job and a “deadline” on how long you will stay in a particular job role (or even company) in order not to be trapped in the viscious cycle of a job. He gave the audience a new perspective of job-seeking.

The VoiceMaster then talked about the 8 P’s that contribute to one’s success, specifically in the workplace – puso (passion), pagbabahagi (sharing), pursigido (persistence), paniniwala (belief), pagmamahal (love), pangarap (dream), patutunguhan (purpose), and pagkakataon (opportunity). He encouraged the audience to believe in their own greatness, and to discover their passions and skills that they can maximize in their work. He also talked about finding one’s life purpose and using their career as a stepping stone to fulfill their it.

The VoiceMaster Talks About Success in his Talk 8 TO BE GREAT

The VoiceMaster wrapped up his talk with his Pochology, “Availability is your best ability.” He encouraged the audience to always open themselves up to opportunities that would come their way, EVEN IF they will not be paid for it. He reminded the participants that their talents, skills and even good looks are useless if they are not available to express them at the right place and time.

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