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Monday, January 11, 2016

The VoiceMaster Kicks Off 2016 with a Talk on Innovation

About a thousand Tourism and Business students of STI College West Negros University in Bacolod gathered at the Garden Royale for the 21st STI National Youth Convention. With the theme “I Will Lead Innovation,” the convention aims to inspire the STI students to develop an innovative mindset in relation to their chosen career path.

STI National Youth Convention Bacolod

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales took the stage as the second speaker to talk about “The Innovator’s Creativity.” In his talk, Pocholo shared his own experience on how he applied innovation to rise to his niche in voice acting as the most recognized voice artist in the country today. He also shared his own thoughts and principles on innovation, and how one’s imagination and power of the mind can be utilized in order to “do something better than it was ever done before,” which for Pocholo is the true essence of innovation. He even shared some stories about the world’s greatest accidental discoveries that turned out to be innovations that we still use today.

Just like in all his other talks, Pocholo never failed to mesmerize the audience with his words of wisdom and inspiration. “What is your HASHTAG idea?” was the question he left in the hearts and minds of the audience, encouraging them to dream and dream big… and of course, to believe that achieving that dream is possible for them.

The 21st STI National Youth Convention was divided into 9 legs – Baguio, Naga, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Metro Manila, General Santos, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro – and is being conducted from December 2015 to March 2016.


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